Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Happy Thursday, dolls.
Because I have so many planned posts for the future, I don't really have anything too relevant to right now. Just you guys wait, I have so many Christmas posts for you, you are gunna be sick of me!
So today, I give you, a link-up.
It's ok...that I spent $60 bucks on Christmas gifts for my friends all at Target.
It's ok...that I un-knowingly lost three pounds and I have no idea why.
It's ok...that even though I had this weight lost, I have been doing nothing but eating junk.
It's ok...that I was called into work on my day off, and only worked for three hours.
It's ok...that I have no clue what else to buy for my adorable man friend.
It's ok...that I have so much homwork to do for next week.
It's ok...that I am moderately broke and I need more money to get through the week and buy gifts.
It's ok...that Mariah Carey's Christmas album has been playing in my car on repeat all week.
Have a good Thursday, divas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walk, walk, fashion, baby: Winter Edition.

When my alarm went off this morning, I hit snooze. I didn't wanna get out of bed because it was cozy and warm. Dangit, my body pillow is a stinking good cuddler and I didn't want to leave. But, it was time to get up because, crap needs to get done. I woke up, checked the weather and saw that it was going to be a wapping 41 degrees today, annnnd, there was snow on the ground. Wandahful. I was already running about fifteen minutes behind because of my love affair with my bed, and I needed to look presentable to go out into the real world. My hair was done and so was my makeup, so then I needed to pick out my outfit. It was going to be cold and I wanted to be comfortable. What the heck man. I finally threw something together and started my day.
What does this have to do with fashion, you are asking yourself as you stare at my post with a furrowed brow. Wait, lovelies! I am going to talk about my go-to pieces for getting ready in the Winter. See, I managed to tie it all in somehow. Don't doubt me.
Peacoats: These guys are just freaking fabulous. I love them because they are not only totally cute, but they also keep you warm. I have a nice one that I bought at Target for like $30, and it keeps me cozy and cuddly and I get tons of compliments on it.
Longsleeves: I have a few of these in my closet. I am never really an extremely casual dresser, but when I am getting ready on a cold morning, I want to just be warm and comfortable. Longsleeves are a staple because you can always add a sweater over them or a vest and still be warm. I always say that having a black and white are the absolute must-have.
Darkwash Jeans: These are a staple for me in general, but I love dark jeans in the winter. I am not one of those girls who feel comfortable in sweatpants. I mean, I do love sweatpants or yogas, but when I am going out and I know people are going to see me, I wear jeans. Jeans make me feel a little but more put together and polished.
Scarves: Scarves help you add a little spice and pizzazz! Especially when I wear a simple top (like a classic longsleeve shirt) I wear a bright colored or patterned scarf to make the look seem a little more interesting,, and they also keep you plenty warm.
Hats: I love hates in the winter! I am a beret or beanie girl. They are perfect for those late mornings (like I had earlier) when you don't want to do your hair, or it's not vibing with you that day. Just curl the ends a little and throw on a hat, and viola! You look chic, like you should be sitting in a cafe somewhere in France.
Boots: I have a few different pairs of boots that I love. I have two different pairs of Vera Wang combat-esque boots that I lovelovelove. But, when I want to be more comfortable than stylish, I would wear Ugg-like boots. Especially on the eastcoast where we get a bunch of snow, I buy knock-off brands so it's okay if the snow ruins them. It's also easy on my feet, which hurt me 24/7.
What are some of your favorite Winter styles?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkeys, Birthdays & Fiddlers, oh my!

Well, it's that time of week again. Happy Monday, babycakes.
I hope that you all had a great weekend filled with turkey sandwhiches for days, naps galore and days off work. I know that I enjoyed none of that because all I did was work all weekend and refused to eat anything turkey related at all. #sorryimnotsorry
My Thanksgiving was great, thanks for asking. I went to my old high school's annual football game with my Dad. I met up with a few friends and we chatted and occassionally watched the game. I also had to deal with lots of people I graduated with, and had to pretend like I cared about their lives and what they are up to now. Honestly, I didn't care. I am just a marevelous actress. Brava to me. When the game was over - which we won, HOLLA - I went back home and helped my parents load everything into the car because we cooked the Thanksgiving dinner and had to transport everything to my grandparent's house. The food was great, the company was good and the night ended for us around 5 PM. I spent the rest of my night watching Giulianna & Bill.

Friday I had the honor and privledge of going to work all day. Even though I work at a market/restaurant, we were busy as heck. I mean, all those Italians don't want to eat turkey forever. They want their pasta, bread and antipasto, dangit! So, I spent my day slaving away and then spent my night alone, eating lots of chinese food.

Saturday was boring *insert nine hours of work here*. But, I did get to see one of my friends Felicia. We went out to dinner, roamed around Target and listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album.

Sunday my aunt's girlfriend surprised me with tickets to go see "Fiddler on the Roof". She works at a restaurant and in the city and the cast of the show went there for dinner and gave out tickets, so she grabbed a pair and gave them to me because she knows I love going to the theater. I really wanted to see the show too, so it was a win-win for me. HOLLA. But, during the day the family got together again to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday.
Pardon me for lacking in the "real post" area. I am working on it, I promise!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I only had three slices of pie. Gosh.

On holidays, atleast for me, it's a free for all. Diet are thrown out the window, calories don't exist, real life skills don't apply and all responsibilites go on pause for the weekend.
I decided that I am probably not the only one who feels this way. If any of you dare disagree with me, you are all filthy rotten liars and I am hardcore judging all of you.
Eat like we are going to the electric chair. Thanksgiving is known for these enormous amounts of food, long dining room tables that have every square inch of the table filled with something on it. I mean, I know my family has bread, cornbread, pasta, salad, antipasto, soup, and then the real meal of turkey, potatoes, all types of veggies, sweet potatoes, gravy, stuffing and then all the wonderful desserts that follow. I mean, us Irish-Italains, we eat like champs. Woot woot! But, we all eat like we are dying tomorrow and we are never going to see another piece of food for the next year until the next Thanksgiving. This my friends, is why the world is obese.
Take a nap after eating. Yes, we are all just so dang exhausted after we fill our little bellies with five pounds of mashed potatoes, but c'mon. That ain't healthy. I mean, I am totally not saying that we should all take a family job around the block after dinner, but sleeping totally defeats the purpose. You eat and then sleep. Spend some time with your family, jeepers! Play cards or something. Heck, watch some football!
Stay up all night to go shopping. I was always so incredibly against waking up and going Black Friday shopping. I always just wanted to punch everyone who went and waited in line for stuff. I mean, what's the point? I said that no one was ever worth waking up at an ungodly hour of the morning to go and buy something on sale. Homegirl don't play that. But, I caved this year. Well, kind of. I wanted to go, then didn't and then when I fell asleep around 11 PM, my mom woke me up and told me we had to go. I was not a happy camper. We last 45 minutes. We walked around the stores, because we didn't really have a game plan, we just wanted to see what it was like. Sooooo not worth it in my book. I would rather have sleep than save money. #sorryimnotsorry
Think it's okay to wake up in the middle of the night to eat a second meal. I am guilty. I have woken up in the middle of the night and went out and made myself another plate of food. It's usually mashed potatoes and whatever pie is left over. My belly likey the comfort food. Should I really be eating again after I stuffed my piehole all day? Probably not. Does that logic stop me? Not in the least.
In conclusion, we do cray cray crap during the holidays.
Just wait until Christmas, it gets worse.
Oh boy.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble, gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope that you are all going to spending your day with your family, friends and loved ones enjoying some totally yummy food, awesome company, delicious desserts and maybe even a little pinch of football. No matter what you are doing today, I hope that you enjoy your day and think about all the wonderful thinkgs that you are thankful for and blessed to have.
Family // My parents are honestly the absolute best. I know all children say that, but my parents seriously are the bomb, like tick tick. They are super supportive of me, always have been and always will be. They don't care about anything but my happiness and well being. Good parent award to them! They always look in my best interest and want me to have a great life and just live life as a happy person. They brought me up in a Christian home filled with love and faith and I will always thank them for that. Also, my little furball, Ruby. She is a cutiepie who occassionally loves me - aka: only when I have food. But, she likes to hang out with me and play and just sleep, mostly sleep. But, I love my little pup.
Work // My job, my place of work and the people I work with are such a huge part of my life. I am honestly at work and with my co-workers more than I am with my family and friends. I am a super lucky person that I actually get to work with my dad, so I am always thankful for that, to always have him there. But, I have also built so many loving relationships with people, which made them a second family to me. I can honestly say that they all watch out for me and love me. I have an amazing friendships with some of them and I am so blessed and thankful to have all of those wacky Italians in my life - and the few Irish & Spanish ones ;)
And yes, that is Teresea from RHONJ in one of the photos.
Friends // My friends are the sisters I never had. My friends all even call my parent "mama" and "papa". They are seriously so connected to me and fill that void in my life of a sister. Being an only child was hard, but when I met each one of my girls, we have been inseperable since - including my cousin, even though we have been besties and sisters since I was born! These girls all have my back and will always support and love me. I am so blessed to have them.
 Among others things to be thankful for:
the invention of the iPhone, and all it's amazing apps like Instagram
Essie nail polish, because my nails always need to be lookin' fabulous
Dunkin Donuts, because God knew I needed it and created it just for me, no one else
Target and it's amazing products where I spend so much freaking money
Twitter, so I can know exactly what all my friends are doing at that very moment
Food, because who needs a man when you have amazing delicious goodies

Go eat some pumpkin pie for breakfast and be merry.
I mean, that's what I am doing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday turkeys & pilgrims. How are you all doing today?
I hope you are doing better than me, who is hiding behind her lapstop screen, drinking gallons of coffee to stay awake who needs to sit through four hours of a professor blabbing and plow through a six hour shift at work. Yeah, now you should pity me.
Because I am not feeling a creative energy to post something witty and muy interesante due to the fact that I spent four hours writing an eight pager paper last night that is due today. I had to bullcrap my way through the paper about 1960's women's rights. Riveting, I know. So, when in doubt, pin it out.

I think that this look is just adorable! I love the pops of pink, and I would totally own those shoes. Pink with bows?! It's a must have. It's a modern take on something classy and elegant. Kind of reminds me a little of Audrey Hepburn.
Found a recipe for this Italian egg biscuits and I totally died! My Nana used to make these all the time. I remember I would go over when I was little and we would make them together. I actually really want to try out the recipe for Christmas and see if she approves.
My inner conflicts all the time.
 I hate you. I love you. Let's be friends. You're a loser.
Yes. I like them and I can not deny. I mean, there is just something about a big ol' cup of coffee in the morning just to warm your heart. Cheesy, I know!
Essie's "Recessionista". Goshdarn, I like this color, I like it alot! But, whenever I go to buy it, it's always sold out. I need to get my hands on this, because I have the perfect color that can be an accent nail. Dang it Target, you need to re-stock this color!


Monday, November 19, 2012

I should be up at six. So, wake me at 6:30.

Happy Monday, babes! I hope that you are able to make it through your Monday kicking and screaming, with three cups of coffee and without stabbing a co-worker. I mean, at the end of the day that's what I look at: the possitives. I lived, I am slightly more awake and no one died. Success!
Guys, I seriously suck. S.U.C.K. Because I come onto Blogger on my Monday morning (when I am trying to keep myself occupied during my 8 AM torture English class) and read about how my favorite blogs had such a wonderful weekend with their friends and adorable boyfriends and then I look back at my weekend and I just think "daaaaang, I am boring". Sorry I am not living the exciting life yet, but it's coming! You just wait, babies!
This weekend I did work Friday and Saturday; I had plans for Friday night but they canceled, so I ended up going out to dinner alone and having a grilled cheese and big ol' bowl of amazingly home-made rice pudding. #YOLO #SingleGirlProbs Then my wild Saturday night consisted of a shower and stuffing my face with a calzone, and splitting a pizza with my dad. (you would think I weigh 1,245 pounds) Sunday I went to church and out to breakfast. I then headed up to work to visit my homegirl Michele and sit with her on her lunch break and I saw some of my fellas and spent a little time with them. I ended my Sunday on a great note that including some pumpkin pie, eggnog and the American Music Awards. (Sidenote: Taytay did AMAZEBALLS in her performance of "Trouble" ah, I love my twinnie so stinking much!)
I am sooooooo not looking forward to my week because I am working everyday this week, which will give me just about 40 hours. I mean, I am not gunna complain about the big fat check. A dolla makes me holla, honey! I just know that I am going to be freaking exhausted. Dunkin', this is why God gave me you. (Yes, I went all Blake Shelton right there, whatchya gunna do bro?!) But, I do love my co-workers and this is just gearing me up for Christmas. #FoodIndustryProbs
May your Monday be merry and bright.
Yes, I started listening to Christmas music.
You should too.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Questionable purchases of a shopaholic.

I love to shop, and I can not lie. None of my friends they can deny. Cause when I walk into Target with a red basket and money in my wallet I get broke.
Hey hey, who knew this little blonde thang could rap with the best of them?! And by the best of them, I mean that one time when Taylor Swift rapped with T-Pain. I mean, I am by no means amazeballs, but I try, for a white girl.
Now, onto my real post which is how I have a problem with having money in my wallet and spending it on really stupid things. I mean, like, things that don't even make sense. I am going to walk you through some of my most recent purchases and you can tell me that I am a crazy loon and need to be taken away from stores in a straight jacket.
Awkward purchase #1 is Purple Lipstick. Like, wait. WHAT? Who on Earth buys purple lipstick. I mean, people usually know what kind of colors work for them and then there are those people who love makeup and just buy up e'rythang. But I just bought it. I just bought it for the heck of it. Now, I need to find the most appropriate place to wear it. Can I even pull off purple lipstick? Who the heckers knows.
Oh, stop! Thanks Britbrit!
Awkward purchase #2 is three packages of Christmas cards. Guys, guys, guys. IT'S NOT EVEN DECEMBER. Does this make me a wackadoodle? I feel like it may be money wasted but then I was like, shooooot girl I bought these and I got them ready before e'rybody else. But seriously guys, three packages, just chilling in my desk, waiting 40 days to be used. Rad. I am ahead of the pack, Go me!
Awkward purchase #3 is a large lint roller. It's practical, and only a dollar at Target. Yes, all of these things are very true. But, what you don't know is that I carry it in my purse. Yes, I carry around a big honking lint roller in my adorable Michael Kors bag. What even? I don't really need a lint roller, but I will always be prepared in situations like "OMG MY VICTORIA SECRET SWEATSHIRT FUR IS ALL OVER MY YOGA PANTS." Yes, I will be there with my lint roller to take all of the little fuzz babies off of you. I gotchya back, homes. Don't judge me!
Don't look at me like that Britbrit!
I make a lot of questionable purchase and this is by no means the weird ones. But, I thought that I would share this week's silly things I blew my money on; besides lots of gingerbread lattes, holla!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When the fashionless girl gives fashion advice.

Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is a week away?! I am already trying to burn a few thousand calories before the week even starts so I can stuff my little Italian-garbage-disposal-stomach filled with yummy goodness. But, this whole holiday coming up way too fast, has got me thinking about all of the things that I am going to be doing that week and how I will be celebrating. A bunch of my girlfriends and I are going to go back to our old high school for the Thanksgiving game, which is hosted at home this year. Woop, woop. (If I had a pom-pom I would be shaking it right now.) It's going to be a good time for us to all re-unite and spend some time together and support our old school. (It's still crazy to me that I am an alumni!) My parents and I are going to be having some of our family over for a very un-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which I am super excited about.
But, enough about how I am going to be screaming at a game that I have no idea what going on about and how I am going to get so stinking fat from all the food...and talk about what's really important. Fashion. Walk, walk, fashion baby.

Now, allow me to give you a small disclaimer. I AM NOT A FASHION GURU. I like clothes. I like shopping. I like spending my money on things I will wear once. That's just me. I am by no means saying that people should listen to what the heck I have to say because, I dress for me babycakes. If we happen to have similiar style, then right on dudette, but if not, you can appreciate my vallant effort and giggle as you read on. Enjoy my gibberish about clothing.
I am a laid back kinda gal, so a cozy little knit sweater and some ripped jeans are right up my alley. Hollaback girl! I like to be comfortable and embrace a care-free look, especially when I know I am going to be sitting on aluminum bleachers with the wind whipping me all over the joint. (I whip my hair back and forth.) To add a little cuteness I would wear some Oxfords and finish it off with a little brown leather jacket, cause you know I always wanted to be a T-Bird.
Even though it's not a grand occassion, I still like to look cute and dress nice for family dinners. I like bringing in the colors of the season and I think that the colored pants and a brown top look very festive. (Simple, right?) I also have a leopard problem, so I would totally wear the leopard flats and rock some mixed metal bangles and a slightly printed scarf.
What do you wear for Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Link-Up: Oh, how Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday, chickadees! I am here, sitting in my 8 AM English class bored out of my skull, wasting a really cute outfit on a day at school, sipping on a gingerbread latte wanting to be doing anything but sitting here. Need your leaves picked up? Want someone to walk your dog? I will happily show up and help you out. JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS CLASS. Anyways....I have been pinning some pretty cool stuff this week, so I decided to share it with you all.
Sorry I have been a sucky blogger lately, my life is super un-interesante and I don't want to bore you with talking about my crazy nights of reading for school, watching The Voice and eating Skinny Cow icecream like it's going out of style. But, I am getting back into the swing of things. So you just wait for it! Mama is coming back with a vengence!
Dear Santa,
Can this little beauty please show up under my Christmas tree wrapped in pretty paper with a nice curly ribbon? Thanks Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney real soon!
Who needs men when you have food?! Food doesn't talk back, it's always there when you need them, it loves you all the time, it's cheap, it gives you that warm feeling in your stomach. {disclaimer: I still want a man, men are fun to cuddle with. You can't cuddle with cake. I mean you can, but that's messy}
Nothing sexier than a man who wears work boots. If he pairs it with flannel and drives a pick-up truck, that just adds to the appeal. And, if that particular man can also pull of a dressed up look, you keep him, bat your eyelashes at him and get him wrapped around your finger.
Yumm-to-the-oh! I am going to make these for my babies at work because I love them so much. And by babies, I mean my twenty-something coworkers who's way to their heart is through their tummies.
My home is when I am driving with a friend listening to Maroon 5, when I am laughing with my parents over dinner, when I am staring at my puppy when she wants to play, when I am teasing my co-workers about silly things, when I am standing with a fellow who gives me butterflies.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fangirl Central up in the hizz-ouse.

In order for you all to get to know me a wee bit better, I decided to go along with an idea I got after reading a few of my favorite blogs posts with taglines like "I believe in.." and things of that nature. So, I decided that I would just ramble; something I am totes amazeballs at.
I am a fangirl. We all know this. It's cray cray. I also just like a lot of things, so I decided to share some of them with you. I am going to babble on and on about the things that I am a fan of.
I'm a fan of large hot lattes in the Fall/Winter and medium iced lattes in the Spring/Summer.
I'm a fan of listening to John Mayer Pandora stations in order to fall asleep.
I'm a fan of going out to breakfast after church on a Sunday morning.
I'm a fan of singing TV shows like The Voice, X Factor and American Idol.
I'm a fan of singing obnoxiously along with the radio on long drives to go shopping.
I'm a fan of men who open doors and smile when you look at them.
I'm a fan of tweeting really stupid things that no one ever really cares about.
I'm a fan of drinking tea at the end of holiday parties while eating all the desserts.
I'm a fan of sleeping in oversized tshirts and my dad's old flannel pants.
I'm a fan of watching Sex and the City and crying about how my life sucks.
I'm a fan of taking off all of my make-up at 8 PM and walking around the house like a zombie.
I'm a fan of walking around supermarkets thinking of cooking everything in sight.

I'm a fan of making really stupid blog posts on days that my brain hit snoozes repeatedly.
animation via tumblr

Monday, November 12, 2012

Obligatory Monday Post.

This Monday's post is brought to you by sarcastic and witty e-cards that I came across on Pinterest this weekend in my exciting quest to find happiness on the Internet.
I decided that I will share with you all of the weird, silly, awkward and embarassing things that have happened to me, I heard, I said or I encountered this weekend. Enjoy the nonsense and laugh at my stupidity.
I went out to dinner on Friday night to Chili's with one of my friends and all she did was look at me and gesture to someone that was behind me. There was a girl at the hostess stand with bright purple, furry boots. The dang things came up to her knee and looked like she strapped a purple shaggy dog to her calf. It wasn't cute. I tried to obtain a photo; the lighting sucked. Thanks Chili's.
At work someone told me that I was "God's beautiful blonde angel". The customer then proceeded to tell me that three more times before he left. Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.
I bought Cosmo magazine because Taylor Swift was the cover girl. I read the magazine and I was totally reminded that I don't have a love life. #suckstobeme #singlegirlswag
That awkward moment when I am outside on lunch break wearing all black and my North Face and someone pulls up next to me and asks me to valet their car. No ma'am, just because I am in valet attire and I am walking around with my hands in my pockets does not mean I am here to valet your car.
I spent close to $40 at Target this weekend. On what? I have no idea.
Of the many items I bought at Target, purple lipstick was one of them. Where am I going to where this said lipstick and what outfit was I planning on wearing it with? When did I think purple lipstick was a good idea?
This post was approved by Marissa's Awkward Life.

Friday, November 9, 2012

My ramble about nothing/self confidence.

So, I am going to get all serious on you guys today.
I came home from work last night and let's just say that some crap hit the fan and I literally was feeling totally awful about myself, like I couldn't do anything right. Feel free to read my ramble, I am pretty sure that atleast some of you can relate; if not, I am the only crazy gal.
I often times feel like I am not good enough. I also often times compare myself to other people. I know what you are going to say "you shouldn't do that" and "you are a wonderful person" and all kinds of bullcrap that you people, yes you people, want to tell me. When I am in moods like that, I don't want to hear that "you are such a sweet person", so and and so forth. When this happens all I want to do is cry for no reason, eat icecream, look through a Victoria's Secret magazine and want to be skinny and beautiful like them and then complain about how I don't have a man in my life. I always want to be someone else. I want to have her hair, and her body and her skin and her life and this guy and these clothes and that thing and blah blah blaaaaaaah. I am never really happy with my own life because I am not fitting into the status quo that is around me. Everyone I know is away at college, living the life, with their significant other having a wonderful time. What am I doing? Living at home, going to college in-state, working crazy hours part-time, spending more time on my blog than interacting with the male species. That's what I am doing. I want somethign different and I want to be someone else. Then, I have these really enlightening talks over my register at work with friends. When someone says "you're personality is an A+" and someone else says that I am fun to be around and I am a good person to spend time with. Yes, I have these things in my favor, and finally people are telling me. Is that what I have been wanting all along? Someone to validate me? Then, I got it. Sometimes you need to not wait for people to remind you of how fabulous you are, but remind yourself that you are fine, fresh and fierce (and you got it on lock).
animation via tumblr 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Link-Up: It's OK Thursday.

It's alright! It's ok! Here is my list of things that I think are totally acceptable. Don't hate. Appreciate.

It's ok...that I have been eating pumpkin cheesecake like a boss this week.
It's ok...that I haven't been paying any attention at all in my 8 AM English class.
It's ok...that I hate politics, and think the USA is doomed either way.
It's ok...that I came home at noon yesterday and put on my pajamas and bummed around all day.
It's ok...that I still haven't finished the Christmas play for the kids at church yet.
It's ok...that I have been eating crap all week and not going to Zumba.
It's ok...that I have been meaning to paint my nails since Sunday.
It's ok...I spent all day yesterday watching Glee episodes to catch up because it comes back tonight.
It's ok...that I am working all weekend but totally not complaining.
It's ok...that I have been happy all week because I am thinking of a particular someone.

Do you know what else is totally ok?! For YOU to go check me out over at Tales of a Twenty Something today for my silly little guest post! Click the link and read my ramble! Show Allie some lovin' too!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love Love Loving.

I have been a girl that has been frantic with her thoughts lately. Ya know, just thinking about way too much, the usual. I have just needed time to relax, unwind and just stop thinking so dang much! So, I have been indulging in the little things and trying to keep myself happy and from worrying and thinking too much. When I think too much, things go cray cray up in here.  So, I have decided to share with you some of the things that I have been loving lately.

Mint Hot Chocolate // This stuff is amazeballs. If you have never had one, you need to march your little butt right on over to a Dunkin Donuts and buy yourself one, dangit! They are perfect in the morning if you are trying to get away from coffee - which is what I have been doing - or it's good for a little treat in the middle of the day - again, guilty of that too.
Wedge Boot-Heels // I bought this little pair from Target last weekend for a night out on the town with my girls. I fell in love with them instantly and I wanted them both in the black and the brown - homie just didn't have the extra $35 for the second pair. But they are super comfortable and they make me like TaySwizzle tall, holla!
Victoria's Secret Seamless Underwear // I fell in absolute love with these back when my mom bought them for me for my birthday. This weekend I went on a VS haul and bought five pairs for $26, holla! They are super cute and maaaaaad comfortable. They are perfect for when you don't want people to see those icky pantie lines - forever in yoga pants at work, forever hoping people don't look at my tushie.
Essie's Winter Nail Polish // I saw the whole big end cap display at Target and almost cried. (ok, not really, but almost.) All the colors are so stinking beautiful and just want them all to be mine so I can hug them and worship them and give them a good home and have them make my stubby man hands look pretty.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Link-Up: Weekend Update

First Photo: (L to R) Felicia, Myself, Lindsey // Second Photo: (L to R) Felicia, Lindsey, Myself
This weekend was filled with great food, wonderful friends and embarassing moments. I mean, c'mon. You know that you had a great weekend when you didn't touch your computer until Monday morning.
Friday I stopped to Dunkin on my daily run and picked up my first mint hot chocolate of the season. Freaking amazeballs. I forgot how much I loved Dunkin's Christmas/Winter flavors. I fell in love and cheated on my pumpkin latte. A girl has to keep her options open. Right? Then I headed to class for 8 AM, and when every arrived our professor wanted to show us a movie on Netflix, after ten minutes of getting it to play, no progress was made. She dismissed us at 8:20. Was I pissed? Hizz-eck to the yes. I went home and lounged around until it was time to go to work. *insert six hours of waiting on customers and wanting to constanly hit yourself with a ciabatta bread* After work I picked up one of my friends Johnna, who I haven't seen in a month. We spent the night driving around town, eating mac & cheese from Panera and hunting down coffee. It was a great time and we had much needed friend time
Saturday, again, *insert nine hours of ringing a register, moodswings, and eating donuts and chocolate*. After work I headed home and got all dressed up and picked up Felicia and headed back up to work (I know, I am a gluton for punishment), where we were going to meet up with Lindsey and have dinner at one of the restaurants. My sweet valet boys took wonderful care of my car, and we got seated quickly (it helps to be an employee sometimes!). We ate so much bread and olive oil that it was almost impossible to eat the wonderful dinners we ordered; Felicia got chicken ceasar salad, Lindsey got a spinach salad and calimari, and I got penne alla vodka. So. Much. Yum. When I see chef at work, I may just have to hug him. We left and took a few pictures outside and then went to pick up our cars from the valet. My sweetie pie valet friend grabbed my car, and before he could run away, I grabbed his arm and shoved a tip in his jacket pocket. I knew if I tried to hand it to him, he would refuse. (love him, he's a sweetheart) As he tried to protest and get mad at me, I quickly threw out a goodbye and drove off. I got home and spent my night all cuddled, ready to enjoy an extra hour of sleep.
Sundays are never really too exciting. (womp wah) I went to church in the morning, and then breakfast with my parents afterwards. Dad needed to head up to work to buy some grocceries for dinner, so I decided to drive him up there. After that I went to the mall with mom and bought a few cute pieces from Forever 21 (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS TO ME EVER; nothing ever fits). Then I proceeded to spend an hour in Victoria's Secret picking up some new things - gotta love coupons. To end the night; dad bought me pumpkin cheesecake. I really need to find a man like my dad.

Friday, November 2, 2012

CMA Chit-Chat.

Please excuse this post where I try to be a witty reviewer/commintator. Please enjoy my nonsensical rambles and feel free to laugh at all of my comments.
Call me easily amused, but I thought that this was hysterical! Brad and Carrie always bring it and I thought that this was super funny. Oh, and heeeeey sexy Paisley.

I would now just like to praise Carrie Underwood for being a fabulous belting diva and singing that song like she owned the joint. She did a amazeballs job at singing "Blown Away". You can check out the video right over here.
More kudos goes to Miranda Lambert on her performance of "Fastest Girl In Town", that you can check out and jam the heck out to it right here. But, the most congratulations goes out to Miranda's hubby Blake Shelton for winning in three categories, including Entertainer of the Year! Woohoo! You go adorable little blue-eyed, Blakey! But, the two did get to rejoice together when Miranda's song "Over You" won for Song of the Year, which she co-wrote with Blake about the death of Blake's brother. It was very emotional and I almost started to cry my little mascara tears. But, in all honesty those two are the cutest thing and I am glad that they both took home victories last night.

Did you guys really think that I wouldn't talk about my twinnie in this post? Y'all are off your rockers if you think that's true. Well, here I am; talking about my favorite girl in the world. Taylor sang "Begin Again" at the show with a little wee-wee-Paris-French-classy-oh-la-la decor behind her. It's one of my favorite songs off the album and I am glad that she picked to sing this song and possibly be her new single. I thought it was really well done and it sounds just like the album version - besides the random accordian in the begining, holla.
Lots of other really awesome things happened, but I am not a real reviewer, just a blogger who loves some T-Swizzle and friends :) I hope you enjoyed my little review. Tune in next time when I am reviewing for the CMT Award.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Link-Up: It's Ok Thursday.

On this lazy Thursday morning I decided to reassure myself about all of the questionable things that I have been doing or feeling this week. Hopefully I can make you feel better about yourself as you read all of my crapola nonsense.
It's ok...that I spend all day Monday doing nothing but watching The Real Housewives and eating.
It's ok... that I had two strawberry milkshakes at lunch on Tuesday.
It's ok...that I had all weekend along with Monday and Tuesday off from school and I waited to write my essay for my English class until 10 PM on Tuesday night when it was due at 8 AM on Wednesday morning.
It's ok...that I brough my laptop to my Wednesday morning class to completely distiract me for two hours instead of paying attention in class - I already have an A...does that justify it?
It's also okay that I spent that entire time on Pinterest & Blogger.
It's ok...that I haven't done anything with my hair all week besides blowdrying and hairpsraying my bangs, and I am totally not giving two craps about it.
It's ok...that I am totally captivated by someone that I probably shouldn't be with. But, they make me happy and that's the absolute reason why I am so mesmerized.

It's ok...that this special someone is always on my mind.
It's ok...that I am buying a new pair of wedges, that I really don't need, just to wear to go out to dinner with my girlies this weekend, in all efforts to try to impress that certain someone that I talked about above.

It's ok...that I spent about $60 in one day on lunch at Panera, a coffee from Starbucks, mascara, nail polish, a new phone case and a keychain. #shoppingaddictprobs

It's ok...that I skipped Zumba last night because my body is all flooky and I just want to sit home and watch the X Factor and eat icecream.