Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fangirl Central up in the hizz-ouse.

In order for you all to get to know me a wee bit better, I decided to go along with an idea I got after reading a few of my favorite blogs posts with taglines like "I believe in.." and things of that nature. So, I decided that I would just ramble; something I am totes amazeballs at.
I am a fangirl. We all know this. It's cray cray. I also just like a lot of things, so I decided to share some of them with you. I am going to babble on and on about the things that I am a fan of.
I'm a fan of large hot lattes in the Fall/Winter and medium iced lattes in the Spring/Summer.
I'm a fan of listening to John Mayer Pandora stations in order to fall asleep.
I'm a fan of going out to breakfast after church on a Sunday morning.
I'm a fan of singing TV shows like The Voice, X Factor and American Idol.
I'm a fan of singing obnoxiously along with the radio on long drives to go shopping.
I'm a fan of men who open doors and smile when you look at them.
I'm a fan of tweeting really stupid things that no one ever really cares about.
I'm a fan of drinking tea at the end of holiday parties while eating all the desserts.
I'm a fan of sleeping in oversized tshirts and my dad's old flannel pants.
I'm a fan of watching Sex and the City and crying about how my life sucks.
I'm a fan of taking off all of my make-up at 8 PM and walking around the house like a zombie.
I'm a fan of walking around supermarkets thinking of cooking everything in sight.

I'm a fan of making really stupid blog posts on days that my brain hit snoozes repeatedly.
animation via tumblr