Monday, November 12, 2012

Obligatory Monday Post.

This Monday's post is brought to you by sarcastic and witty e-cards that I came across on Pinterest this weekend in my exciting quest to find happiness on the Internet.
I decided that I will share with you all of the weird, silly, awkward and embarassing things that have happened to me, I heard, I said or I encountered this weekend. Enjoy the nonsense and laugh at my stupidity.
I went out to dinner on Friday night to Chili's with one of my friends and all she did was look at me and gesture to someone that was behind me. There was a girl at the hostess stand with bright purple, furry boots. The dang things came up to her knee and looked like she strapped a purple shaggy dog to her calf. It wasn't cute. I tried to obtain a photo; the lighting sucked. Thanks Chili's.
At work someone told me that I was "God's beautiful blonde angel". The customer then proceeded to tell me that three more times before he left. Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.
I bought Cosmo magazine because Taylor Swift was the cover girl. I read the magazine and I was totally reminded that I don't have a love life. #suckstobeme #singlegirlswag
That awkward moment when I am outside on lunch break wearing all black and my North Face and someone pulls up next to me and asks me to valet their car. No ma'am, just because I am in valet attire and I am walking around with my hands in my pockets does not mean I am here to valet your car.
I spent close to $40 at Target this weekend. On what? I have no idea.
Of the many items I bought at Target, purple lipstick was one of them. Where am I going to where this said lipstick and what outfit was I planning on wearing it with? When did I think purple lipstick was a good idea?
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