Thursday, November 1, 2012

Link-Up: It's Ok Thursday.

On this lazy Thursday morning I decided to reassure myself about all of the questionable things that I have been doing or feeling this week. Hopefully I can make you feel better about yourself as you read all of my crapola nonsense.
It's ok...that I spend all day Monday doing nothing but watching The Real Housewives and eating.
It's ok... that I had two strawberry milkshakes at lunch on Tuesday.
It's ok...that I had all weekend along with Monday and Tuesday off from school and I waited to write my essay for my English class until 10 PM on Tuesday night when it was due at 8 AM on Wednesday morning.
It's ok...that I brough my laptop to my Wednesday morning class to completely distiract me for two hours instead of paying attention in class - I already have an A...does that justify it?
It's also okay that I spent that entire time on Pinterest & Blogger.
It's ok...that I haven't done anything with my hair all week besides blowdrying and hairpsraying my bangs, and I am totally not giving two craps about it.
It's ok...that I am totally captivated by someone that I probably shouldn't be with. But, they make me happy and that's the absolute reason why I am so mesmerized.

It's ok...that this special someone is always on my mind.
It's ok...that I am buying a new pair of wedges, that I really don't need, just to wear to go out to dinner with my girlies this weekend, in all efforts to try to impress that certain someone that I talked about above.

It's ok...that I spent about $60 in one day on lunch at Panera, a coffee from Starbucks, mascara, nail polish, a new phone case and a keychain. #shoppingaddictprobs

It's ok...that I skipped Zumba last night because my body is all flooky and I just want to sit home and watch the X Factor and eat icecream.


  1. I never fix my hair. I'm a big fan of putting it up in a wet bun. :) Happy to be your newest follower via the link up. Stop by and say hello. :)


    1. I love buns, they are the best to hide everything!
      I totally will, ohmigosh, thanks for checking me out and following!

      - M

  2. i hate fixing my hair. and being captivated by someone can be fun! and all that shopping sounds fun!

    Helene in Between

    1. Agreed to all!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      - M