Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walk, walk, fashion, baby: Winter Edition.

When my alarm went off this morning, I hit snooze. I didn't wanna get out of bed because it was cozy and warm. Dangit, my body pillow is a stinking good cuddler and I didn't want to leave. But, it was time to get up because, crap needs to get done. I woke up, checked the weather and saw that it was going to be a wapping 41 degrees today, annnnd, there was snow on the ground. Wandahful. I was already running about fifteen minutes behind because of my love affair with my bed, and I needed to look presentable to go out into the real world. My hair was done and so was my makeup, so then I needed to pick out my outfit. It was going to be cold and I wanted to be comfortable. What the heck man. I finally threw something together and started my day.
What does this have to do with fashion, you are asking yourself as you stare at my post with a furrowed brow. Wait, lovelies! I am going to talk about my go-to pieces for getting ready in the Winter. See, I managed to tie it all in somehow. Don't doubt me.
Peacoats: These guys are just freaking fabulous. I love them because they are not only totally cute, but they also keep you warm. I have a nice one that I bought at Target for like $30, and it keeps me cozy and cuddly and I get tons of compliments on it.
Longsleeves: I have a few of these in my closet. I am never really an extremely casual dresser, but when I am getting ready on a cold morning, I want to just be warm and comfortable. Longsleeves are a staple because you can always add a sweater over them or a vest and still be warm. I always say that having a black and white are the absolute must-have.
Darkwash Jeans: These are a staple for me in general, but I love dark jeans in the winter. I am not one of those girls who feel comfortable in sweatpants. I mean, I do love sweatpants or yogas, but when I am going out and I know people are going to see me, I wear jeans. Jeans make me feel a little but more put together and polished.
Scarves: Scarves help you add a little spice and pizzazz! Especially when I wear a simple top (like a classic longsleeve shirt) I wear a bright colored or patterned scarf to make the look seem a little more interesting,, and they also keep you plenty warm.
Hats: I love hates in the winter! I am a beret or beanie girl. They are perfect for those late mornings (like I had earlier) when you don't want to do your hair, or it's not vibing with you that day. Just curl the ends a little and throw on a hat, and viola! You look chic, like you should be sitting in a cafe somewhere in France.
Boots: I have a few different pairs of boots that I love. I have two different pairs of Vera Wang combat-esque boots that I lovelovelove. But, when I want to be more comfortable than stylish, I would wear Ugg-like boots. Especially on the eastcoast where we get a bunch of snow, I buy knock-off brands so it's okay if the snow ruins them. It's also easy on my feet, which hurt me 24/7.
What are some of your favorite Winter styles?

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  1. Cute! Love pairing the basic tee with a cute scarf and fun patterned coat!