Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Happy Thursday, dolls.
Because I have so many planned posts for the future, I don't really have anything too relevant to right now. Just you guys wait, I have so many Christmas posts for you, you are gunna be sick of me!
So today, I give you, a link-up.
It's ok...that I spent $60 bucks on Christmas gifts for my friends all at Target.
It's ok...that I un-knowingly lost three pounds and I have no idea why.
It's ok...that even though I had this weight lost, I have been doing nothing but eating junk.
It's ok...that I was called into work on my day off, and only worked for three hours.
It's ok...that I have no clue what else to buy for my adorable man friend.
It's ok...that I have so much homwork to do for next week.
It's ok...that I am moderately broke and I need more money to get through the week and buy gifts.
It's ok...that Mariah Carey's Christmas album has been playing in my car on repeat all week.
Have a good Thursday, divas!

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