Friday, November 16, 2012

Questionable purchases of a shopaholic.

I love to shop, and I can not lie. None of my friends they can deny. Cause when I walk into Target with a red basket and money in my wallet I get broke.
Hey hey, who knew this little blonde thang could rap with the best of them?! And by the best of them, I mean that one time when Taylor Swift rapped with T-Pain. I mean, I am by no means amazeballs, but I try, for a white girl.
Now, onto my real post which is how I have a problem with having money in my wallet and spending it on really stupid things. I mean, like, things that don't even make sense. I am going to walk you through some of my most recent purchases and you can tell me that I am a crazy loon and need to be taken away from stores in a straight jacket.
Awkward purchase #1 is Purple Lipstick. Like, wait. WHAT? Who on Earth buys purple lipstick. I mean, people usually know what kind of colors work for them and then there are those people who love makeup and just buy up e'rythang. But I just bought it. I just bought it for the heck of it. Now, I need to find the most appropriate place to wear it. Can I even pull off purple lipstick? Who the heckers knows.
Oh, stop! Thanks Britbrit!
Awkward purchase #2 is three packages of Christmas cards. Guys, guys, guys. IT'S NOT EVEN DECEMBER. Does this make me a wackadoodle? I feel like it may be money wasted but then I was like, shooooot girl I bought these and I got them ready before e'rybody else. But seriously guys, three packages, just chilling in my desk, waiting 40 days to be used. Rad. I am ahead of the pack, Go me!
Awkward purchase #3 is a large lint roller. It's practical, and only a dollar at Target. Yes, all of these things are very true. But, what you don't know is that I carry it in my purse. Yes, I carry around a big honking lint roller in my adorable Michael Kors bag. What even? I don't really need a lint roller, but I will always be prepared in situations like "OMG MY VICTORIA SECRET SWEATSHIRT FUR IS ALL OVER MY YOGA PANTS." Yes, I will be there with my lint roller to take all of the little fuzz babies off of you. I gotchya back, homes. Don't judge me!
Don't look at me like that Britbrit!
I make a lot of questionable purchase and this is by no means the weird ones. But, I thought that I would share this week's silly things I blew my money on; besides lots of gingerbread lattes, holla!

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