Thursday, February 28, 2013

One day at a time.

I have been feeling very...emotional...the past few days. Actually, weeks would probably be more accurate. I am not completely sure what has been making me so incredibly moody and irritable. I have my good days, and bad days. I guess I still am grieving the loss of my Nana, which I honestly can't believe that it's been just a little over two weeks. It was honestly such a blur, I can barely remember a thing. I think about her often, and in some instances the emotions hit me more than others. I can probably say since that day of her passing, there hasn't been a day where I haven't cried. I try to be strong and put on a stoic face, but I am not ready for that yet, atleast that's what my emotions are telling me. But ofcourse, when we already have these very touchy-feely emotions, every little thing begins to bother us, or make us worry and wonder. I am absolutely not a fan of that nonsense one bit. I have been dealing with some much, that sometimes I wish I could hibernate, like the animals do. Or, spend the winter in Florida. I mean, atleast I can get a tan and play shuffle board with the retirees. Needless to say, things have been rough.
Audrey always has the right words to cheer me up and get me to think positive.
I have been in such a schlump (yes, schlump) and I really don't want to be in it anymore. I want to be able to laugh and enjoy my time with people without worry, or a constant though haunting the back of my mind. I am going to try my best to be strong - about everything. I am not going to let worry or wonder shake me, and I will think of my Nana fondly and try to remind myself that she is watching me, and she didn't like to see me cry. I will try my best to be happy, and look for the good things in all things that come my way. Because, nobody likes a frownyface. I will take each day one day at a time and not let myself get frustrated when I may not be as strong as I would like to be. And I will always remember that everything is possible. I need to start being Alice and think of six impossible things before breakfast. Well, I think of my impossible things atleast before lunch.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tunes.

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. I usually jam out in the morning when I am getting ready: though I do find it hard to make my eyeliner straight when Maroon 5 is blaring in the background, because all I want to do is move like Jagger. But, I have been getting iTunes cards from everywhere and I have been buying some music that I have been meaning too, and taking some friends suggestions on new music for me to dance around too.

This week I am going to share three songs with you that I have been loving, or have been newly realeased that I am also loving. This week (because I am going to make this a weekly staple, here at Just Being Marissa) I am going to share with you some of my recently purchased songs.

Mermaid | Train
I love Train, and I always have. Their albums and singles are always cute, fun and catchy. I don't care if Pat Monahan is pushing 50, he can still put out a great song and get Ryan Seacrest to play it over and over. When I heard this song on the radio I immediately had to rush to the iTunes store and buy it so I could jam out to it whenever I pleased. Though I wasn't a fan of Train live in concert (maybe it's because I couldn't fully enjoy them because I was all flustered over Adam Levine), I love their music all day, everyday.
Wanted | Hunter Hayes
Okay, maybe it's the blonde spikey hair and dashing smile, but Hunter Hayes makes me swoon. I think his music is so incredibly country and adorable. I bought a few songs that I heard from listening to a Carrie Underwood station on Spotify, and then after talking to a few friends they also loved this cutie pie country boy. So, now I have the entire album on my iPhone and I have no regrets, just love.
Feel This Moment | Pitbull featuring Christina Aguliera
Okay, so I will be the first one to admit that I hated this song when I first heard it. Excuse me, XTina, what are you doing on a Pitbull track?! But after I heard it on the radio (mostly because there were commercials on every other station) I became more accustomed to the song and groove, shall I say. I love Pitbull and I love Christina. So, why not have them make a funky song together. Heck, I know love it.
Like my song choices?
Add them to your Spotify library right now.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Back in action.

Hello again, everyone!

Guess who's back?! Back again.
Marissa's back. Tell a friend.
It's good to be back and ready to do big things. I really needed this week to just spend time alone with myself, with my family and my close friends. I was able to readjust myself into my schedule which included getting caught up with class work and resuming my shifts at work.  It hasn't been an easy few weeks, and I know that things are just going to have their days - good or bad - but I am just going to take them as they come and just try to remember good times and happier times. I will miss my Nana every day that I am living, but I know that she would want me to smile and keep laughing, singing and dancing my way through life. And to honor her, that is what I will be doing.
 {a photo of Nana and I on my vanity, along with a yellow rose from her floral arrangements}
I am glad to be back on the blog game. I have so many ideas and things I want to do and share with all of you, I am glad I had some time away to reflect and explore different things. On my little hiatus I did still continue to read my favorite blogs and I even discovered some new ones that are now on my personal blogs I love list. But, I can't wait to start with all of my new posts and ideas that will be coming your way in the days and weeks to come.
Oh, and hello to the new followers that I have recieved over the past week in my absence - thanks for stopping in!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's break time.

Hey everyone.
It's been a rough week for me, and my family, with the loss of my grandmother. I was fortunate last week that I had pre-planned posts to fill everyday, but this week, I am not feeling very creative. I am going to take this week off to just reflect, relax and try and get back into a groove and swing of things. I will also being taking some time to tidying things up around these Internet parts, really getting ready to take this blog in the direction that I want it to. Things may be a little changed when I return a week from now, but I will be back in the blogging business after I take some time away for myself. I will see you back here with bells on soon. In the mean time, take care.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday Fun, a day late: iPhone Lock Screen.

Since yesterday I did a totally rad link-up with Jenna about our Valentine's Day adventures, I put my Friday Fun post on the back burner, and decided to share it all with you today. A special little treat. You're so very welcome.
I have been going through hard times in pretty much all aspects of my life, and I have been listening to a lot of music to calm me down recently and I came across Skyscraper by Demi Lovato and was reminded of how amazing that song is, and the one line that stood out to me was "i'm closer to the clouds up here" and that is what inspired this week's fun gift for you all. 

It was also very funny that the day I made this wallpaper and I changed it on my phone, the next day, my Nana passed away. It was also funny that the balloons are purple, which was her favorite color, and the message saying "i'm closer to the clouds up here", seemed to be a secret message from her.
 Click here to get the lock screen.
Save it to your computer and e-mail it to yourself and open it on your phone.
Or you can simply open my blog on your phone and save the image from the blog.

Today, also being my Nana's funeral, I am taking today to remember her.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love me or love me not: A Valentine's Link-Up.

Let's link up!
Tell me all about your Valentine's Day. Did you spend time with your lover, your girlfriends, your dog or your social networking? Tell me all about it, and feel free to include pictures and any and all things that you would the post be fabulous.
1 // I baked some brownies for my co-workers after my morning class. They ended up being a huge hit, which was moderately surprising, considering I have a tendency to burn those chocolate chip cookies that are already done, all you have to do is put them on the sheet. Yeah, I even mess those up. Awkward.
2// This is the note that Michele put on my register at work. Gotta love that physcho of mine.She was writing on that paper forever and when she finally put it on my register I started laughing. She always has something stupidly funny to say. That's why I keep her around.
3// My date for Valentine's Day, my beautiful cousin Rachel. We had to work on a project after I got out of work, so we decided to get dressed up and go out to dinner together. Her hubby was working, so decided to go out on a date together. Ain't she a beaut?
4// Aren't these rings super cute?! You can thank my Valentine for those pretty little guys. I have wanted stackable rings for so long, and she totes read my mind somehow and bought them for me. She is seriously the best cousin/valentine ever.
5// Our date was at Chili's were we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. I am pretty sure nothing else needs to be said about this. The End.
6// The manager of the restaurant was walking around to all the tables handing out coupons and chocolate goodies to all the customers. I thought that was super sweet of him - and not just because he gave me free chocolate.
7// The night ended with a phone call from my dad telling me that my gift from him was in the living room. I went and opened it and there were six bottles of nail polish - in gorgeous colors, I may add. My dad knows his daughter, yes he does.
Come on, tell me all about your Valentine's Day!

Love, love, love.

It's finally here, everyone!
It's the day to tell the people you love that you love them.
So go out and buy them some flowers and chocolate, dangit!
Or, if you are buying for your besties, you can always check out some ideas here.
And don't forget to link-up with Jenna and I tomorrow for our "love me or love me not" link-up.
It will be going LIVE at 8 AM, EST.
Have a good day, lovebugs!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Playlist: Love.

Greetings, dolls.
Today I wanted to take the time out to get you ready for Valentine's Day, in a musical sense.
Usually, stupid music about love makes me want to vomit. This is probably why I like listening to Lady Gaga & Kesha: silly lyrics to catchy beats. But, that's besides the point. On some rare occassions I like to tap into my inner hopeless romantic and listen to music that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, or just straight out makes me happy for no reason.
In honor of Valentine's Day this week, this month's February Playlist will consist of songs about love, loving somebody, not being loved and so on and so forth. You get me, right?
Listen to the playlist here on Spotify!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What to get your real Valentines.

No, not your attrative man friend.
Your best girl friends, obviously!
I have never had a Valentine - like ever - so, this year I decided that in the spirit of showing people how much we love them on this specific day of the year, when we should really do it all day e'ryday, I wanted to show my real valentine's how much I love them. My valentines are my best friends and I love them so much  and they have been there for me more than any boy could ever be. So, this Valentine's Day I wanted to show them how much I love and appreciate them.
Now, you maybe we wondering: what can I get my besties for V-Day?
Have no fear, lovebugs, I am here to help you.
Pinned Image
Pamper Her:
Sometimes when I am having a lonely night, I like to make myself feel better by giving myself a little extra TLC. Why not give your friends all they will need to have a self-esteem boost?  Anything that can make me smell good is totally alright in my book, which is why my go-to is anything by Victoria's Secret. It makes you feel sexier in no time. I mean, walking around thinking that you smell like Miranda Kerr has to make you strut around like you own the joint. A fresh manicure always does the trick, so why not buy your friend a nice red polish - my favorite is "she's pampered" by Essie. Again, smelling wonderful is key. But smelling wonderful and having smooth skin is an added plus, especially in these winter months. Give your bestie a sweet smelling lotion that she can put on after her manicure dries.
Feed Her:
Remember that old saying, "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Well, that totally works for girls too! I mean, I would never pass up chocolate or an iced coffee is someone offered it to me. Give your girl friend a box of chocolates, maybe like the cute little Russel Stover ones. That way she can pass it off as if she has a secret admirer. Or maybe if your are on the go, run to the Starbucks drive-thru and pick up your bestie a cupcake, cake-pop or pastry. Every girl loves red velvet cupcakes!
Entertain Her:
I am always game for a movie on any given night. If your bestie is a single girl, get her a DVD that she can watch on V-Day night, so she can have a hot date with her bed and TV. PS: Target has "Valentine's Day" on sale for $4.95. Run, run, run! And say your girl friend is obssessed with her iPhone - like most girls - grab her a cute iPhone case like these super cute ones from Kate Spade.
Speaking of all this, I need to go out and pick up one or two more things for my besties...Toodles!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Well, here we are again.

Happy Monday, loves.
 I hope that you all have a greay day ahead of you.
Personally, my classes got canceld and I don't have to work today, so I am enjoying the time I got sleeping in, and I am hopefully going to get the heck out of my house because I am going stir-crazy up in this hizzy. I also want to try and get my ducks in a row this week in blogland and get some posts ready for you all in the future.
Speaking of which....
I have a wonderful link-up happening with the totally lovely Jenna from Life is Sweet.
On Friday, February 15th, we are going to link-up and share what we did on Valentine's Day. Whether we had a special someone take us out for dinner, or we spend the night with our dogs watching TV. Make sure you catch up with us the day after V-Day and share your stories of head over heels love, or your pathetic single girl stories.

Today I am making everything short, sweet and to the point.
Hope you don't mind. Mama really wanted to sleep in this morning.
Have a great day, see you around soon.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fun: Valentine's iPhone Wallpaper.

Happy Friday, lovebugs.
I have been getting into the Valentine's spirt this week, as you can tell from my previous posts this week. Even though I may not have a significant knight in shining armor to spend the day with, I still have tons of people that mean the world to me, that I love very much, and this year I want to take the time to appreciate all of them. Like I say all the time, who needs a man when you have best friends?!
I do belive Sex & The City said it best:  "Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” 
On this Friday I am reflecting on all different kinds of love and I remembered one of my favorite Bible verses that I just so happened to make a wallpaper for you guys today for your Friday Fun!
1 Corinthians 13:4
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
Save it to your computer and e-mail it to yourself and open it on your phone.
Or you can simply open my blog on your phone and save the image from the blog.
Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh, she's just being Miley...Marissa?

Today, I have a secret. Do you want to know what it is?
Come closer. Real close. Press your face to the screen.
No, not that close, back up.
Miley Cyrus inspired my blog.
I know, I know. Allow me to explain.
All throughout my middle school awkward stage I would spend my nights watching Disney Channel, and 99.9% of the time I would be watching Hannah Montana. I wouldn't care if I saw the episode 574 times before, I would watch it again until I could quote the entire thing word for word. I loved Miley - both Stewart and Cyrus. At the time, I was the biggest fan of the music she would make as Hannah aswell. I would be jamming out to it on my little iPod Nano, back when they weren't so mini. I ws the biggest fan and no one could tell me that me that it was anything less than perfection. And I mean, she had awesome guest stars like Jesse McCartney, Corbin Bleu, Selena Gomez and the JoBros. I mean, my teenybopper heart nearly exploded. When her 3D movie came out, my dad took me on Valentine's Day as my gift. I was quite literally the happiest person in the world in that moment.
And on goes my awkward life as a fangirl over everything Disney.
But, back to the whole point of this post which is how Miley Cyrus inspired my blog.
Coming up with a great name for a blog is hard. You want it to be different, unique and reflect you. I had many other names before I was Just Being Marissa and none of them really seemed to fit my personality. Then one day I randomly had this line come into my head "my best friend Leslie said, oh she's just being Miley." Where did that thought come from? I couldn't shake it. I looked up where in God's name I got that from because, I haven't listened to my Hannah Montana jams since I was thirteen. It was from her song "See You Again". I nodded my head like yeah, and realized Just Being Marissa would be a great name for a blog. I agreed with myself and hence le blog came into existance.
I have kind of put my love for Milers on the back burner since I on a whim saw the Hannah Montana movie with my cousin a few years back. But, I am recently begining to love the new short-haired, fiesty Miley. No, she may not make the world's best decisions and she may have changed a lot, but she is just being her and worry about her. She isn't about making anyone else happy but herself, and that is admirable. Thanks for inspiring me yet again, Destiny Hope.
Confession: I asked for white cowboy boots one Christmas because that's what Hannah Montana wore.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Styled: Valentine's Day.

Welcome back from your crazy weekend, friends.

I thought on this February Monday, I would talk about fashion. Because, well, why not?! I have been seeing tons of commercials on TV telling everyone to make their reservations and buy this, that and the other thing for our loved ones. Which got me thinking, if I were getting ready for big plans on Valentine's Day, what in God's name would I wear? So, allow me show you what I would be wearing if I were to get all snazzied up on February 14th.

Dress // I am a fan of red. I think read is a pretty hot color, and not just because it's the color of fire. I think it's a statement color and I would absolutely not be against wearing a bright red dress on Valentine's Day. I think this dress has a good shape and isn't too sexy, but it would be totally va-voom if you needed it to be. So, I would totally spice it up and go with a red dress - remember, YOLO.

Jewelry // I am not usually a gold jewelry person, but sometimes I am attracted to it. I thought a little pearl and gold necklace would be appropriate. A simple string of pearls would suffice, but I think the added layers on the necklace makes it a little more fun and sassy, so you avoid the whole 1940's mother look. Of course, pairing such a bold necklace with simple earings - and hearts no less! And a little wrist sparkle, obviously.

Bag // All you need is a little bag to carry around. Who really wants to carry around their usual suitcase of a person. Oh, is that just me? All you need to have on you are the basics, so don't carry around a duffle bag purse. I thought this little clutch would be perfecto.

Make-Up // Red lipstick, yes. You may say, too much red? I say, no! Wear the red lip and feel fierce and fabulous. I mean, you wanna be looking good if you are going out with a handsome gentleman, right?

Shoes // Last but not least - the shoes. I would go with simple black heels. I love the style of these because they are slightly vintage looking, but modern with the heel. Just like you can never go wrong with a little black dress, you can never go wrong with high black heels. It's a fact.

In theory - this is what I would wear if I were going out with an attractive felllow. But you know, that's totally not my life because I am totally rocking that single girl swag this year - like the past few years, actually every year. But, let's not talk about that now, shall we?

But really, let's talk about what I will actually be wearing on Valentine's Day.

I mean, this is pretty much the nutshell.

I will be working all day, and after that awful shift of selling dozens of lovster raviolis to husbands who are cooking for their wives, asking me where the nearest store is where they can buy a card. The thrills of retail.

I will be spending my night alone, with my favorite men - Ben & Jerry - watching some stupid love movies, and catching up on the happenings of Glee, eating chocolate. I mean, I am single, I don't have to impress anybody. My body is a temple and this temple loves chocolate.

Hopefully you guys have some roaring V-Day plans ahead of you.
Or you can spend your night on Twitter with me!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fun: iPhone Wallpaper.

It's Friday!
Cheers to the stinking weekend - I will gladly drink a wonderful bottle of sparkling water to that statement, Rihanna. I hope that you are all have great plans for weekend doing some exciting things. My life on the other hand is far more boring and grandma-esque. This lady has got some papers to write, Italian to study and organizing to be done. I just wish I could hire someone to do this junk for me. So I could spend all of my free time farting around on my computer - per usual.
I have been doing a lot of reading of other blogs, and I came across Aubrey at The Kinch Life. I found her blog to be so stinking adorable and wonderful. She is just so good at her graphic designing, no wonder people would pay her for her services, she's rad! But, I see that she does something called a "Friday Freebie" where she will make a computer wallpaper, iPhone wallpaper, etc and post them every Friday. I thought that was a super cool idea, so in the wonderful world of blogging that we live in, I am totally borrowing the idea and putting my own spin on it.
I decided that every Friday I will post something fun that you can use. Perhaps a wallpaper of some sort, maybe it's a new game or website that I found or maybe it's a playlist I put together that I think you wouldn't mind listening to. Fridays I am going to dedicate to giving back to you - the totally amazeballs people who read my silly rambles.
So, to kick this whole thing off, here is an iPhone wallpaper!
Save it to your computer and e-mail it to yourself and open it on your phone.
Or you can simply open my blog on your phone and save the image from the blog.
Have a great weekend!