Thursday, November 8, 2012

Link-Up: It's OK Thursday.

It's alright! It's ok! Here is my list of things that I think are totally acceptable. Don't hate. Appreciate.

It's ok...that I have been eating pumpkin cheesecake like a boss this week.
It's ok...that I haven't been paying any attention at all in my 8 AM English class.
It's ok...that I hate politics, and think the USA is doomed either way.
It's ok...that I came home at noon yesterday and put on my pajamas and bummed around all day.
It's ok...that I still haven't finished the Christmas play for the kids at church yet.
It's ok...that I have been eating crap all week and not going to Zumba.
It's ok...that I have been meaning to paint my nails since Sunday.
It's ok...I spent all day yesterday watching Glee episodes to catch up because it comes back tonight.
It's ok...that I am working all weekend but totally not complaining.
It's ok...that I have been happy all week because I am thinking of a particular someone.

Do you know what else is totally ok?! For YOU to go check me out over at Tales of a Twenty Something today for my silly little guest post! Click the link and read my ramble! Show Allie some lovin' too!

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