Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love Love Loving.

I have been a girl that has been frantic with her thoughts lately. Ya know, just thinking about way too much, the usual. I have just needed time to relax, unwind and just stop thinking so dang much! So, I have been indulging in the little things and trying to keep myself happy and from worrying and thinking too much. When I think too much, things go cray cray up in here.  So, I have decided to share with you some of the things that I have been loving lately.

Mint Hot Chocolate // This stuff is amazeballs. If you have never had one, you need to march your little butt right on over to a Dunkin Donuts and buy yourself one, dangit! They are perfect in the morning if you are trying to get away from coffee - which is what I have been doing - or it's good for a little treat in the middle of the day - again, guilty of that too.
Wedge Boot-Heels // I bought this little pair from Target last weekend for a night out on the town with my girls. I fell in love with them instantly and I wanted them both in the black and the brown - homie just didn't have the extra $35 for the second pair. But they are super comfortable and they make me like TaySwizzle tall, holla!
Victoria's Secret Seamless Underwear // I fell in absolute love with these back when my mom bought them for me for my birthday. This weekend I went on a VS haul and bought five pairs for $26, holla! They are super cute and maaaaaad comfortable. They are perfect for when you don't want people to see those icky pantie lines - forever in yoga pants at work, forever hoping people don't look at my tushie.
Essie's Winter Nail Polish // I saw the whole big end cap display at Target and almost cried. (ok, not really, but almost.) All the colors are so stinking beautiful and just want them all to be mine so I can hug them and worship them and give them a good home and have them make my stubby man hands look pretty.


  1. I have been cheating on my Pumpkin spice latte's for mint hot chocolate... it's incredible. And my yoga pants have thanked me for my panty line free undies courtesy of VS =)

    1. Same! Ah, I love them oh-so much! VS is just lovely. It makes me want to buy everything.