Monday, November 5, 2012

Link-Up: Weekend Update

First Photo: (L to R) Felicia, Myself, Lindsey // Second Photo: (L to R) Felicia, Lindsey, Myself
This weekend was filled with great food, wonderful friends and embarassing moments. I mean, c'mon. You know that you had a great weekend when you didn't touch your computer until Monday morning.
Friday I stopped to Dunkin on my daily run and picked up my first mint hot chocolate of the season. Freaking amazeballs. I forgot how much I loved Dunkin's Christmas/Winter flavors. I fell in love and cheated on my pumpkin latte. A girl has to keep her options open. Right? Then I headed to class for 8 AM, and when every arrived our professor wanted to show us a movie on Netflix, after ten minutes of getting it to play, no progress was made. She dismissed us at 8:20. Was I pissed? Hizz-eck to the yes. I went home and lounged around until it was time to go to work. *insert six hours of waiting on customers and wanting to constanly hit yourself with a ciabatta bread* After work I picked up one of my friends Johnna, who I haven't seen in a month. We spent the night driving around town, eating mac & cheese from Panera and hunting down coffee. It was a great time and we had much needed friend time
Saturday, again, *insert nine hours of ringing a register, moodswings, and eating donuts and chocolate*. After work I headed home and got all dressed up and picked up Felicia and headed back up to work (I know, I am a gluton for punishment), where we were going to meet up with Lindsey and have dinner at one of the restaurants. My sweet valet boys took wonderful care of my car, and we got seated quickly (it helps to be an employee sometimes!). We ate so much bread and olive oil that it was almost impossible to eat the wonderful dinners we ordered; Felicia got chicken ceasar salad, Lindsey got a spinach salad and calimari, and I got penne alla vodka. So. Much. Yum. When I see chef at work, I may just have to hug him. We left and took a few pictures outside and then went to pick up our cars from the valet. My sweetie pie valet friend grabbed my car, and before he could run away, I grabbed his arm and shoved a tip in his jacket pocket. I knew if I tried to hand it to him, he would refuse. (love him, he's a sweetheart) As he tried to protest and get mad at me, I quickly threw out a goodbye and drove off. I got home and spent my night all cuddled, ready to enjoy an extra hour of sleep.
Sundays are never really too exciting. (womp wah) I went to church in the morning, and then breakfast with my parents afterwards. Dad needed to head up to work to buy some grocceries for dinner, so I decided to drive him up there. After that I went to the mall with mom and bought a few cute pieces from Forever 21 (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS TO ME EVER; nothing ever fits). Then I proceeded to spend an hour in Victoria's Secret picking up some new things - gotta love coupons. To end the night; dad bought me pumpkin cheesecake. I really need to find a man like my dad.

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