Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Help, I've fallen and I don't know who I am.

I am currently having an identity crisis.
Well not really me. But, my blog.

The more I look around the amazing blogs that I follow religiously, or come across on a daily basis, the more I begin to realize that I don't really have a blogger niche, as you fancy Internet people like to call it. I can't really put my blog into a category of anything.

I am not a fashion blogger, but I do enjoy clothes and what people wear.
I am not a foody blogger, but I do love to eat out and try new foods.
I am not a fitness blogger, but I do like to keep myself moderately healthy.
I am not a wife/mommy blogger because, I mean, I am 19 and I can barely get guys to talk to me.
I am not a Christian blogger, but I am a Christian.

I am just in the middle of a blogger identity crisis. But, this is what I can tell you.
I like to post about my life and the sometimes fun things that I do on rare occasions. I like to post pictures that I take from my phone, though I have a Nikon camera and should really use it. I like to post about clothes and fashion, but I am not calling myself an expert, I am just an observer. I like to share music that I like. I like to post about my faith and my church, because it's a big part of my life.

With all of that being said, what does that make me?
Am I really a lifestyle blogger? What the heck does that even mean?

You know what. I am just going to be a Marissa blogger.
I am me, and I don't know where I would place myself, but I am just going to post and write about whatever I want because this is my little corner in my own little chair.Judge me, as you will.

End pointless post.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Take a chill pill, Marissa. Okay, Brain.

Looks like it's Monday again.
And here I am, like always, with no interesting weekend stories.
Big shock over here, I know.

It's actually kind of funny because things have been hitting me this week. Like the simple fact that in just about three weeks I will be done with my second semester of college, done with finals, done with my first year of college and on summer vacation. Mi scusi, but where did the time go? I will get into the swing of working more hours and spending more time doing things that I love, which includes getting my team prepared and ready for National Fine Arts in Orlando in the beginning of August. I feel like I need to put on a seat belt with all the things that are going to be full-steam ahead in the coming weeks and months. 

But, I am trying to keep calm (and carry on) and muddle through the last few papers, presentations and tests the semester throws at me, all while I am trying to keep my butt in shape, getting ready for new tight uniforms at work bathing suit season. 

So, how do I relax, you may be asking yourself. 
Because, I would be asking that question if I were reading a post like this. 

How I Relax 

You know. I like to just grab my private jet and head to a tropical beach in Bermuda and just set up my little beach chair and pink sun hat and catch some waves and soak up the sun all while my boyfriend, Adam Levine, is sitting near by strumming on his guitar writing a song about how beautiful I am.

Ha. Gotchya. Cause, I know that all sounds terribly believable.

How I REALLY Relax
  • Listening to Italian music: I grew up listening to Italian music because my dad always played it and my Nana also loved it, so I also picked up a love for musica di italiana. I love Andrea Bocelli and Il Divo. I have a whole playlist on my Spotify with songs I love that immediately keep me calm and relaxed that's all Italian.
  • Scrolling through Pinterest: I don't know why, but there is something just so relaxing about reading inspirational quotes, finding new recipes and laughing at e-cards. I find myself scrolling endlessly at night on my iPhone while I am trying to go to sleep. And then I get excited about a new chocolate cake recipe I want to try. Yes, Pinterest gets me excited. 
  • Blogging: There is nothing more captivating than blogging, to me at least. I can literally lose myself while I am writing a blog post, or reading up on other people's blogs.It takes me away from my world and puts me into my own brain, if I am writing for my blog, or let's me see what's going on in other people's lives to distract me from my own. Ha. 

How do you relax and take yourself away from the world?

Friday, April 19, 2013

I am a dashboard drummer.

It's Friday, which means it's a wonderful day to drive around with the windows down, sipping on a nice iced coffee, jamming out to some pretty rad tunes. Don't you agree?

It's been a while since I shared some of my music preferences with you, so I thought today would be a good day to let you know what songs I will be singing loudly in my car, in case you drive by a car with an annoying blonde girl screaming at the top of her lungs, you can proudly say that you know that looney tune, and that looney tune is me. So, let's see what's playing...

1. Next To Me - Okay, so I totally thought that this was Beyonce, not even gunna lie. I am not ashamed to say it. This is just a totally rad song. It plays on the radio at least five times a day, so take a minute out and have a little jam session.

2. Pusher Love Girl - I hated JT's new stuff. I wanted to hate and not like it. Then one day I listened to the album and I died and wanted to slap myself because I didn't listen to it sooner. This song is my all time favorite off the album. Just love love love.

3. Sure Be Cool If You Did - I love Blake Shelton. The end.

4. Done - When I heard them perform this on the ACM's, I just immediately fell in love with the song. It's a great peppy, spunky, fun country song.

5. Heart Attack - I am not afraid to admit it, I love Demi Lovato. Her voice is spectacular and just, I wish I had her voice box. I heard this song a few weeks ago and I wasn't too keen on the song, just because of the silly lyrics, but it's so catchy and I began singing it all day long.

Speaking of music...
Now, it's that time of week to link up with the fabulicious Whitney.
Buttons (feat. Snoop Dogg) by The Pussycat Dolls on Grooveshark
Have a good weekend, see you around these parts on Monday!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Best friends say whaaaaaat?!

Let's cue the fun, shall we?

I saw this little link-up over at From Mrs. to Mama and thought that it was a seriously awesome idea and I just needed to participate. Basically you have your loved ones (spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, siblings, friends, family, etc...) say what they think about you. I decided to enlist the help of my closest friends, because I figured that they know me best and will tell you like it is. I probably should have reconsidered that, huh? Just kidding! I have awesome friends and I was totally flattered by the things they said. Maj blushy face happening over here.

So, let's see what those crazy friends of mine had to say about yours truly.

Rachel, my cousin who is more like my sister.

Rachel says...
"There are really no accurate words to describe how much this girl means to me. She has got to be one of the most caring, loving, artistic, bubbly girls I know.There have been so many times that I see her love shine through for others and myself and I do not know what I would do without her.She has been one of the strongest people in my life and always so supportive!

Felicia, my best friend since seventh grade.

Felicia says...
"She's always smiling. You can't help but smile when you're around her because she literally radiates positive energy and it's contagious. She's extremely giving. This girl is the type of person that will constantly give and give and give, even when her tank is on empty. She puts others before her constantly and always looks out for them. She's real. She knows how to listen and be supportive. She knows what it means to be a good friend and knows just what to say and do to make her friends feel loved.

Johnna, my longest reigning best friend from sixth grade.

Johnna says...
"You're outgoing and spirited because you're very fun and helpful and make other people feel welcome. You're also passionate because you give your 100% when you love something and I would say you're kind of an underdog because sometimes you're not taken as serious or you are passed over.

Lindsey, my best friend since our junior year in high school. My long distance bestie.

Lindsey says...
"When I think of you I think of a great friend, one who takes art seriously, and one who respects religion. Also, you remind me of innocence. I look at your face and I literally see the face of innocence."

Michele, my co-worker for the past three years and bestie for the past year. 

Michele says....
"I'd say you 're really outgoing, genuinely friendly, blonde, pretty, give someone the shirt of your back kind of person. I'd also say that you're my closest friend at work and that you're funny and silly, and you get my sense of humor unlike a lot of people."

Aren't my friends just the sweetest?
Yes, I paid them all to say such nice things about me.
Who really wants to know the truth? Kidding.

Growing up with Marissa.

When I grow up...a question that myself, along with the Pussycat Dolls have pondered.
When I was young I always thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I changed my career, my house and my wedding on a daily basis. To be totally honest, I can't even say that I still don't think about my future, even though I am half way to grown up-ness.

But, let's say I lived in a world where Walt Disney was creating a movie of my life.
This is what it would be like.

Once upon a time...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Taylor Swift says things will change.

I have been on a big change kick.
And no, I don't mean collecting all my pennies and taking them to Coinstar.
I mean real change.

I get sick of things very easily. I always want to update things and keep everything fresh and new. I have been taking a lot of steps to change the things that I know need changing but I always thought were too hard.  For me, it's easy to change my iPhone case, the wallpaper on my computer, the handbag that I carry, the nail polish that I wear, etc. I do those kinds of little changes, and I do them often. But to change big things, like things that will actually make a huge difference, I find a  hard time doing that. I just need to accustom myself to change. But, how does one do that? By actually changing.

I am currently in the process of re-doing my bedroom. I have had the same color walls since I was 10. I am going to be 19 in July. I want to strip away the old me, the immature me, the stupid me and welcome a new, mature and responsible me. Can a coat of paint really do that? Well, for me, it's a start. It's a big change that I am committing to. Will things work out, let's sure hope so! But you see, for me, that's something big. I am starting somewhere, now I need to get to the other things.

I have been on an emotional roller coaster for a while just about my life, my friends and relationships with people. I have decided to really personally evaluate all of them and just figure out which ones are really worth and it, and which ones I need to let go. It's hard, yes, but it's something that I have been putting off and it needs to be done. I am also changing my feelings. I am one to hold onto feelings or things that happen to me. I need to stop that. It's a horrid habit. (Yes, I quoted the Parent Trap) I am learning how to be a better friend and how to see if people are being good friends to me. Man, is this a scary reality. But, again, it's a change that has to be made.

I had a talk with a friend of mine lately and he told me that: "It's never easy. Life is full of possibilities and let-downs, so you have to take the good with the bad and just enjoy yourself. And most of all, be happy with yourself." Well said, good friend. Which leads me to the last slide in my presentation of change which ends with making myself happy. I am making good, positive and though out changes that will help me be a better, happier, healthier, stronger and more confident person with each passing day. I need to be happy, first and foremost.

Taylor Swift said that things will change.
Yes, Taylor, I can feel it now. And it feels good.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: The continuous boring life of Marissa.

It's Monday again.

In blogger world we talk about the awesome things we did over the weekend while we took time off from our blogs. But, in my universe, I work all weekend and don't do anything fun. So, there's that. But, I will share my Instagram photos with you anyway because...I have space in this blog post to fill!

photo one // I went on a Target spree with my cousin on Friday night. We raided through the clearance racks and found some things that we mutually liked and I performed a fashion show. I loved this skirt so much because a) it was Prabual Gurung, b) it fit and made me look like I had a itty-bitty waist and c) was only $8. Yup, you heard it right, $8! Score on my part.

photo two // I like to bake cookies. At 10 PM. On Friday nights. Is that okay with you?

photo three // My Sunday OOTD.

photo four // Ripped apart my entire bedroom on Sunday. The painter is coming over today to start working on my room. Fresh coat of paint and fixing some dents and holes in the walls. My room will be pretty and wonderful by the end of the week. Stay tuned for updates!

photo five // I went up to work today to join my co-worker Michele while she had her lunch break which turned into us going in the bakery next door and her buying me a dirty vanilla chai and a brownie. Can you say best friend ever award?

photo six // Sunday family dinner. Complete with cinnamon buns and Diet Coke.

I can only hope that your weekend was as thrilling and riveting as mine.
Now if you excuse me, I am going to go and dance over the fact that the Spring semester is almost over!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Focus on the good. Forget the bad. Let's also forget the ugly.

Well, it's Friday and who really has time to think of creative blog posts. So...I found this over on Whitney's blog and then she sent me to Erin's blog and now I bring it to my blog. It's just a bloggy idea train leading from awesomelicious person, to awesomelicious person to then, me, average person.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good:
  • I am a really good friend. I can say that without feeling conceited because I stinkin' know I am a good friend. Not only do my friends tell me that, but I just know. I care a lot for people and I am always thinking about the loved ones in my life. I always want to make them feel loved and special. 
  • I am a hard worker. I work to the best of my ability no matter what the task is. I work like a beast when I am at work whether it be lifting, carrying or moving things, or just waiting on customers. When I have school work to do I always do my best - when I am motivated, obviously.
  • I can write like a boss. You may not see it a ton on my blog, unless you find my natural narrative-writing voice to be amazing. But when it comes to academic papers and things of that nature, I am your girl. I can pretend like I read an entire book and write a four page essay on it. I am really good at making myself sound smart. 
The Bad:
  • I never stick to anything long term. I know that sounds awful, but it's pretty true. I start to exercise and diet and then I eventually fall off the wagon for a few weeks after a glazed donut walks across my path. Which leads us into...
  • I have no willpower. Food is my weakness. Food is also the way to my heart. If I see anything chocolate, sugar coated or salty, I will eat it. And eat, eat, eat....
  • I am addicted to my iPhone. It's a serious problem. It is always glued to my hand. I always find something new to do, download, play or check. I am forever on social media and I use my phone for absolutely everything. Hi, my name is Marissa and I am an iPhone addict.
  • I am socially awkward. I don't know why because I am very outgoing. It's just that in some situations I try too hard or don't try enough and things just don't work out. 
The Ugly:
  • I am a very jealous person. It's not crazy, but I just sometimes feel jealous like when my friends have plans without me and things like that. 
  • I tear myself down. I don't really think I am a wonderful person or see the things about me that people tell me about. So I usually just ignore or don't believe people when they tell me good things about myself. I rather not think about myself. 
  • I compare myself to other people. Self explanatory, really. 
And, I am going to end today with linking up with the Whitney for #backthatazzup Friday!

This song brings me right back to my 8th grade formal.
Oh boy, really awkward times in my life.
But this song still makes me white girl rock out.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Motivation? Use it in a sentence.

Do you ever lose your motivation? Like, to do absolutely anything?
I am currently at that point and it kind of stinks, I am not gunna lie to you. I feel like I am running into a wall, and I have been running into that said wall for such a long time now where I have given up breaking through it and just flopped on the floor and started napping. Yup, that's pretty much where I am in a nutshell.

I know, Jiggy, I feel you.

This semester is coming to an end and so much pressure for next year and frankly for the rest of my life are all hitting me now. Maybe I am crazy but I don't know what I want to do with my life. I always tell people that the things that I am good at are things that don't pay the bills. I am good at writing, theater, singing off key in the car, baking cupcakes and a bunch of other useless things. I just feel like I am going to college to get a degree in something just to say that I went to so-and-so college and graduated with this piece of paper. Say I actually major in English or Theater. What in God's name am I going to do with that when I walk across that stage? Who really stinkin' knows. I don't even stinkin' know, and that makes me nervous.

I have been trying to brainstorm things that I wouldn't mind doing for a job. I currently cashier and that's not such a bad gig, but I wouldn't want to work there for the rest of my life. I think about the things I enjoy in my life that I could actually find a job in. I love theater so I thought about working at the local theater in the city. Maybe I could work in the box office or sell food at the concessions? I would technically be in a place that I love not necessarily doing what I want, but I would be in a place that could maybe help me get somewhere I could be happy with. I can't really think of too many things that could give me a job that I would enjoy. But then, I think about other people. There are people who are happy being waiters or baristas. I am sure they didn't wake up one morning and say they wanted to wait on people for a living, but they do it and they are enjoying what they do. Yes, I do know some very happy waiters. There are even people without jobs who are happy.

I guess what I am really getting at here is that I am so overwhelmed with the rest of my life.
I don't know what I am doing, where I am going or how I am going to get there once I figure out where I am going.
Maybe I can ask Siri.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My hillbilly bone is showing.

If there is one thing that blogging has made me love more is country music.
I always liked country music and I always appreciated it, but now I have come to really love it and listen to it a lot more than I used to. So, taking my love for country music and pairing that with my other passionate love for awards shows, then you can just see where this post is going. Yes, that's right: my thoughts on the ACM's.
Let's start with talking about the fashion for the night, shall we?
I am not claiming to be a fashion expert, and I frankly don't really care who wore what and all that jazz, I just state my opinions on what I thought looked good and what I liked. I will not be going all negative Nelly up in this post because if country music taught me anything, it's to be nice to people and love yourself - unless they break your heart, then you break out your gunpowder and lead.
 Let's take a look at what my favorite country gals were wearing!
Carrie Underwood is always flawless, period. I love the colors in her dress and the earrings she paired with it are perfect. Carrie can pretty much do anything with her hair and make it look amazing, but I am loving the pinned up back with little loose curls around her face. I just wish her bangs weren't so in her face. Just hairspray those puppies over and so we can see her eyes better.
My twinnie, Taylor Swift can do absolutely no wrong in my book. I love when she wears her bangs and her hair straight, which is something that I have been doing more lately ;) I also think that Taylor always looks very well put together. Her dress is beautiful, I love all the stones on the top, and I think her choice of small earrings is perfect. Her makeup is always on point and gorgeous. Jeepers, Taylor, stop making the rest of us look bad!
Moving on to the actual show.....

Can we just take a solid minute to appreciate the fact that these two adorable men were hosting the show all night long? I mean, I have loved Blake Shelton ever since I heard "Hillbilly Bone" and saw him on The Voice. Then this blogging community made me realize that Luke Bryan is one attractive individual aswell. After falling in love with both of this country boys, I was just in fangirling-swoony heaven all night long. Just look at how handsom they both are - even with Blake making this silly face.

My favorite performance of the night was obviously my homegirl Carrie with her song "Two Black Cadillacs". This song has been my jam for a while now and I just love the actual music video for it, so I was super excited to see her perform it and I wasn't surprised in the least bit when two cars drove out on stage from the wings. Love your effort and showmanship, Carrie! She also looked totally fabulicious again, I must say. Lovin' the dark lipstick, girl!

Among many other of my favorite performances was Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift & Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert and The Band Perry.
Also, congratu-flipping-lations to Miranda Lambert who killed it and won three different awards! Especially song of the year which she won with her adorable hubby Blakey-pie.
How stinkin' cute are these two?!
Well, I am done being country for the day.
I am going to dust off my cowboy boots and go for a ride in my dad's pick-up truck.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Dramas, Dunkin & Future Trips!

My weekend was spent in Agawam, MA with the youth group from my church as they competed in the Fine Arts Festival. As I mentioned before, I am the drama director/coordinator for my church, especially the teens and young adults. So, I had two of the teens, who are actually good friends of mine, competing at the festival performing a drama duo that I wrote and directed. I was able to go on the trip because I was their director and I was made a leader for the trip. I had a room of four girls that I had to take care of - and by take care of I mean make sure they woke up in the morning, they weren't fussy, I loved them.

We left for Agawam around 4 PM on Friday, and arrived at 6:30 PM. Our youth pastor, Pastor Dave, ordered pizza and we all ate and everyone began to get into a panic frenzy which resulted in everyone coming into the hotel room that my girls and I were staying in (because it was the biggest room, holla!) to practice all of their stuff. It ranged from songwriting, vocal ensembles, dances and dramas. Things started to wind down around 11:30 PM and my room probably didn't fall asleep until 1 AM.

We were supposed to be up, packed and fed by 8 AM that morning because we had to head to festival. See photo one. None of the leaders had the opportunity to eat breakfast because we were making sure our teens were in order and so were the rooms before we left, so Pastor Dave let us leave during the orientation of the festival to grab some Dunkin. See photo three. We clearly have a problem. We headed back to the festival and spent the day running around from performance to performance and grabbing a few naps on some church pews during our down time. See photo six. We eventually got ready for the ceremony at 6:30 PM which was when they would announce the winners. I was all kinds of nervous hoping my team made it to the national level. See photo four. They had a few bumps in the road, so I was about ready to toss up the french fries I had for lunch waiting to hear the results. Long story short... WE ARE COMPETING AT NATIONALS IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA! When they were announced I immediately stood to my feet along with the rest of our youth group and I screamed and then fell back into my chair and started bawling my eyes out. I was so happy and proud in that moment. Ahh! Among my team a handful of our other teens made it and we will be heading down to good ole Floriday in August to duke it out with churches from all over the country.

Fun Fact: Angela (Angie) Miller from American Idol used to compete in Fine Arts Festival and they actually called her last night and she spoke to us on the phone and prayed for all of the teens that were competing and will advance. I thought it was really sweet of her. She even tweeted about how she was missing this year's festival.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I feel good. So good.

Yes, I feel good. So good. 'Cause I got you.

I have been pretty down lately. From the school semester coming to a close and having to pick my classes for the Fall already, just getting off holiday hours from Easter at work, stressing about my duo that will be competing with a script I wrote them and all of the many other things that make my brain a jumbled mess. I have been letting things get to me, and I not totally sure why. After a long talk with a good friend of mine about a certain area of my life that has been keeping me very down in the dumps, she gave me some simple advice: just make yourself happy.

In the moment I wanted to ignore everything she was saying because I really didn't want to positive and happy about things because I genuinely felt negative and unhappy. But, after sitting on what she told me, I started to think about all the reasons that I should be happy and the things that do make me happy. Heck, I am actually one easily happy person, you know that?

What are some of the things that make you happy?

Dang you, blogger world!

Happy Thursday!

Before I scurry away and start my weekend early, I decided that I will leave you with an interesting post before you hear from me, for real, again on Monday. Why am I gone for so long? I will tell you, don't you worry! I am actually going away with the youth group from my church for Friday and Saturday because they are competing in a competition that we call Fine Arts. I have a duo competing in the drama division so I am going along for the ride to support them. You will hear all about our adventures when I return.

things blogging made me love
Luke Bryan
I always liked country music. Heck, I owned every single one of Carrie Underwood's CD's. But, this dang blogging world made me want to listen to country music all day long. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I stole Cinderella's other glass slipper.

Over the weekend I had a realization: My life isn't a Disney movie.

I know that this is probably a really big shock to all of you. Heck, it was even a shock to me! But, indeed the statement is true. I am no Belle, Princess Jasmine, Cinderella or Ariel, my life was not written and produced by Walt Disney and company, and there is no Prince trying to find or rescue me. I know all girls really want that kind of life, and some girls have it, but some girls don't. I started to think about and I thought to myself, why did I think that my life was a fairytale?
I will admit, I am a control freak. I need control of everything. I am not like, OCD or anything like that, but I like to keep order and have things the way I want. Is that a lot to ask? I am one of those people who plan out a certain situtation before it happens and when it doesn't go perfectly I become a mess of emotions. (this example may or may not have happened this weekend) I like to have things planned and know exactly what's happening all the time. I have a love/hate relationships with surprise. Not knowing how things are going to happen give me a headache. If I had a superpower I would want to be able to read people's minds so I knew absolutely everything. Does that make me crazy? I don't really know, but I will be sure to ask Cee Lo about it. But anyways, with all of this being said: why did I think that my extreme control over everything would eventually end up in a picture perfect ending?

Then it hit me. I am no Cinderella, no sir. I am Marissa. I am my own Disney Princess. The situations in my life won't always be perfect. The situations in my head may not always happen as planned and the way I want things to turn out may be different. And now, I am totally okay with that. Because I finally realized that I will have a picture perfect ending, but it will be tailored to my own life. I may not have a knight in shining armor, but I will gladly take a nice guy in faded Levi's and work boots who drives a truck, let's say. I won't get Cinderella's ending, but I will get my own ending. I will have a wonderful story book ending that fits my life perfectly because, I am like no one else.

I may not have a glass slipper, but I do have cheetah heels.
Maybe if I leave that on some steps a handsome man will find me.

In conclusion: I am a Disney Princess.
Look out for my movie in the year 2030....after I pitch my idea to Disney.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Girls' night, baking & Easter.

Good morning and happy April, friends!
Oh man, am I totally not a fan of this Monday for multiple reasons. First of all, I personally believe that all Mondays that follow a Sunday holiday should be an official day of rest where everyone can take off school, work and all responsibilites and just take the day to sleep and watch movies all day. And that is exactly what would happen if I were President. Vote for me in the next election. Second reason why I am in a very no bueno mood today is the fact that I feel like garbage. I have had a headache all weekend and then on Saturday I had a little stomach ache and now after all that eating on Easter - and I mean all - I woke up this morning and just want to barf all over everyone and pound my head against a wall until I can no longer feel my headache.
But, all of the valid reasons listed above are not going to stop me from posting about weekend - which technically for me started on Thursday.

photo one // Went out for a night in the city with Felicia. We went to one of the restaurants associated with my work and hung out, had some calamari and pizza, which were all completely delicious.

photo two // Selfie Central. That is what I looked like on Thursday night when we went out.

photo three // After dinner we went over to a little pastry/bake shop near the restaurant. We grabbed some coffee and a slice of cake a piece and continued to talk and catch up.

photo four // After working a nine hour day at work on Good Friday I decided to come home and bake up a storm for my co-workers. They absolutely loved me the next day. You're welcome.

photo five // Easter Sunday service at my church.

photo six // Ruby is the only person that will willingly cuddle with me, so I decided to take her up on that offer. She is so snuggly.

photo seven // Sweet bread, ricotta pie, pasteria (rice pie) and ricotta tort. This is what dessert time looks like at our house on Easter.

photo eight // Spent the night playing Phase 10 and eating all the yummy desserts with my cousins and grandfather.

photo nine // The night ended with this little fluffy ball falling asleep in the middle of the room while my cousins and I watched re-runs of The Voice.

How was your Easter weekends?