Friday, November 2, 2012

CMA Chit-Chat.

Please excuse this post where I try to be a witty reviewer/commintator. Please enjoy my nonsensical rambles and feel free to laugh at all of my comments.
Call me easily amused, but I thought that this was hysterical! Brad and Carrie always bring it and I thought that this was super funny. Oh, and heeeeey sexy Paisley.

I would now just like to praise Carrie Underwood for being a fabulous belting diva and singing that song like she owned the joint. She did a amazeballs job at singing "Blown Away". You can check out the video right over here.
More kudos goes to Miranda Lambert on her performance of "Fastest Girl In Town", that you can check out and jam the heck out to it right here. But, the most congratulations goes out to Miranda's hubby Blake Shelton for winning in three categories, including Entertainer of the Year! Woohoo! You go adorable little blue-eyed, Blakey! But, the two did get to rejoice together when Miranda's song "Over You" won for Song of the Year, which she co-wrote with Blake about the death of Blake's brother. It was very emotional and I almost started to cry my little mascara tears. But, in all honesty those two are the cutest thing and I am glad that they both took home victories last night.

Did you guys really think that I wouldn't talk about my twinnie in this post? Y'all are off your rockers if you think that's true. Well, here I am; talking about my favorite girl in the world. Taylor sang "Begin Again" at the show with a little wee-wee-Paris-French-classy-oh-la-la decor behind her. It's one of my favorite songs off the album and I am glad that she picked to sing this song and possibly be her new single. I thought it was really well done and it sounds just like the album version - besides the random accordian in the begining, holla.
Lots of other really awesome things happened, but I am not a real reviewer, just a blogger who loves some T-Swizzle and friends :) I hope you enjoyed my little review. Tune in next time when I am reviewing for the CMT Award.


  1. I love Blake and Miranda, they are like the new Tim and Faith.. =) and don't even get me started on Taylor Swift, I listened to Red on repeat yesterday while I was packing... Thank God my other half appreciates her gift or he probably would have killed me =)

    1. BLAKE & MIRANDA. They are too presh, I can't even handle.
      Taylor is my girl. I seriously need to find a man that can tolerate her, if not, we have majooooor probs!