Monday, February 25, 2013

Back in action.

Hello again, everyone!

Guess who's back?! Back again.
Marissa's back. Tell a friend.
It's good to be back and ready to do big things. I really needed this week to just spend time alone with myself, with my family and my close friends. I was able to readjust myself into my schedule which included getting caught up with class work and resuming my shifts at work.  It hasn't been an easy few weeks, and I know that things are just going to have their days - good or bad - but I am just going to take them as they come and just try to remember good times and happier times. I will miss my Nana every day that I am living, but I know that she would want me to smile and keep laughing, singing and dancing my way through life. And to honor her, that is what I will be doing.
 {a photo of Nana and I on my vanity, along with a yellow rose from her floral arrangements}
I am glad to be back on the blog game. I have so many ideas and things I want to do and share with all of you, I am glad I had some time away to reflect and explore different things. On my little hiatus I did still continue to read my favorite blogs and I even discovered some new ones that are now on my personal blogs I love list. But, I can't wait to start with all of my new posts and ideas that will be coming your way in the days and weeks to come.
Oh, and hello to the new followers that I have recieved over the past week in my absence - thanks for stopping in!

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