Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What to get your real Valentines.

No, not your attrative man friend.
Your best girl friends, obviously!
I have never had a Valentine - like ever - so, this year I decided that in the spirit of showing people how much we love them on this specific day of the year, when we should really do it all day e'ryday, I wanted to show my real valentine's how much I love them. My valentines are my best friends and I love them so much  and they have been there for me more than any boy could ever be. So, this Valentine's Day I wanted to show them how much I love and appreciate them.
Now, you maybe we wondering: what can I get my besties for V-Day?
Have no fear, lovebugs, I am here to help you.
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Pamper Her:
Sometimes when I am having a lonely night, I like to make myself feel better by giving myself a little extra TLC. Why not give your friends all they will need to have a self-esteem boost?  Anything that can make me smell good is totally alright in my book, which is why my go-to is anything by Victoria's Secret. It makes you feel sexier in no time. I mean, walking around thinking that you smell like Miranda Kerr has to make you strut around like you own the joint. A fresh manicure always does the trick, so why not buy your friend a nice red polish - my favorite is "she's pampered" by Essie. Again, smelling wonderful is key. But smelling wonderful and having smooth skin is an added plus, especially in these winter months. Give your bestie a sweet smelling lotion that she can put on after her manicure dries.
Feed Her:
Remember that old saying, "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Well, that totally works for girls too! I mean, I would never pass up chocolate or an iced coffee is someone offered it to me. Give your girl friend a box of chocolates, maybe like the cute little Russel Stover ones. That way she can pass it off as if she has a secret admirer. Or maybe if your are on the go, run to the Starbucks drive-thru and pick up your bestie a cupcake, cake-pop or pastry. Every girl loves red velvet cupcakes!
Entertain Her:
I am always game for a movie on any given night. If your bestie is a single girl, get her a DVD that she can watch on V-Day night, so she can have a hot date with her bed and TV. PS: Target has "Valentine's Day" on sale for $4.95. Run, run, run! And say your girl friend is obssessed with her iPhone - like most girls - grab her a cute iPhone case like these super cute ones from Kate Spade.
Speaking of all this, I need to go out and pick up one or two more things for my besties...Toodles!

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