Monday, February 4, 2013

Styled: Valentine's Day.

Welcome back from your crazy weekend, friends.

I thought on this February Monday, I would talk about fashion. Because, well, why not?! I have been seeing tons of commercials on TV telling everyone to make their reservations and buy this, that and the other thing for our loved ones. Which got me thinking, if I were getting ready for big plans on Valentine's Day, what in God's name would I wear? So, allow me show you what I would be wearing if I were to get all snazzied up on February 14th.

Dress // I am a fan of red. I think read is a pretty hot color, and not just because it's the color of fire. I think it's a statement color and I would absolutely not be against wearing a bright red dress on Valentine's Day. I think this dress has a good shape and isn't too sexy, but it would be totally va-voom if you needed it to be. So, I would totally spice it up and go with a red dress - remember, YOLO.

Jewelry // I am not usually a gold jewelry person, but sometimes I am attracted to it. I thought a little pearl and gold necklace would be appropriate. A simple string of pearls would suffice, but I think the added layers on the necklace makes it a little more fun and sassy, so you avoid the whole 1940's mother look. Of course, pairing such a bold necklace with simple earings - and hearts no less! And a little wrist sparkle, obviously.

Bag // All you need is a little bag to carry around. Who really wants to carry around their usual suitcase of a person. Oh, is that just me? All you need to have on you are the basics, so don't carry around a duffle bag purse. I thought this little clutch would be perfecto.

Make-Up // Red lipstick, yes. You may say, too much red? I say, no! Wear the red lip and feel fierce and fabulous. I mean, you wanna be looking good if you are going out with a handsome gentleman, right?

Shoes // Last but not least - the shoes. I would go with simple black heels. I love the style of these because they are slightly vintage looking, but modern with the heel. Just like you can never go wrong with a little black dress, you can never go wrong with high black heels. It's a fact.

In theory - this is what I would wear if I were going out with an attractive felllow. But you know, that's totally not my life because I am totally rocking that single girl swag this year - like the past few years, actually every year. But, let's not talk about that now, shall we?

But really, let's talk about what I will actually be wearing on Valentine's Day.

I mean, this is pretty much the nutshell.

I will be working all day, and after that awful shift of selling dozens of lovster raviolis to husbands who are cooking for their wives, asking me where the nearest store is where they can buy a card. The thrills of retail.

I will be spending my night alone, with my favorite men - Ben & Jerry - watching some stupid love movies, and catching up on the happenings of Glee, eating chocolate. I mean, I am single, I don't have to impress anybody. My body is a temple and this temple loves chocolate.

Hopefully you guys have some roaring V-Day plans ahead of you.
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  1. I love all your picks -- I definitely am a dress in your pjs and watch a romantic movie kind of girl too!

    Following you from the GFC Blog Hop! I look forward to getting to know you and your blog! Stop by, say hi and let's be friends!!

    Brittany Michelle

  2. I'd die from that red dress!! Or at least my husband would!! I'm a new follower from the GFC blog hop! Can't wait to see what comes next!
    Sarah C.

  3. Hello! i found your blog on the GFC collective blog hop! I am your newest follower, can you please give me a follow back?


  4. Amen girl, single girl swag all the way. Valentines day is just another day on the calendar. I can't lie though, I love that dress and shoes combo, hhaha.

  5. hahaha absolutely love this post! I think a lot of girls are on your pjs boat! haha

    Found you via the GFC Collective and following you! :)