Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love me or love me not: A Valentine's Link-Up.

Let's link up!
Tell me all about your Valentine's Day. Did you spend time with your lover, your girlfriends, your dog or your social networking? Tell me all about it, and feel free to include pictures and any and all things that you would the post be fabulous.
1 // I baked some brownies for my co-workers after my morning class. They ended up being a huge hit, which was moderately surprising, considering I have a tendency to burn those chocolate chip cookies that are already done, all you have to do is put them on the sheet. Yeah, I even mess those up. Awkward.
2// This is the note that Michele put on my register at work. Gotta love that physcho of mine.She was writing on that paper forever and when she finally put it on my register I started laughing. She always has something stupidly funny to say. That's why I keep her around.
3// My date for Valentine's Day, my beautiful cousin Rachel. We had to work on a project after I got out of work, so we decided to get dressed up and go out to dinner together. Her hubby was working, so decided to go out on a date together. Ain't she a beaut?
4// Aren't these rings super cute?! You can thank my Valentine for those pretty little guys. I have wanted stackable rings for so long, and she totes read my mind somehow and bought them for me. She is seriously the best cousin/valentine ever.
5// Our date was at Chili's were we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. I am pretty sure nothing else needs to be said about this. The End.
6// The manager of the restaurant was walking around to all the tables handing out coupons and chocolate goodies to all the customers. I thought that was super sweet of him - and not just because he gave me free chocolate.
7// The night ended with a phone call from my dad telling me that my gift from him was in the living room. I went and opened it and there were six bottles of nail polish - in gorgeous colors, I may add. My dad knows his daughter, yes he does.
Come on, tell me all about your Valentine's Day!

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