Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Girls' night, baking & Easter.

Good morning and happy April, friends!
Oh man, am I totally not a fan of this Monday for multiple reasons. First of all, I personally believe that all Mondays that follow a Sunday holiday should be an official day of rest where everyone can take off school, work and all responsibilites and just take the day to sleep and watch movies all day. And that is exactly what would happen if I were President. Vote for me in the next election. Second reason why I am in a very no bueno mood today is the fact that I feel like garbage. I have had a headache all weekend and then on Saturday I had a little stomach ache and now after all that eating on Easter - and I mean all - I woke up this morning and just want to barf all over everyone and pound my head against a wall until I can no longer feel my headache.
But, all of the valid reasons listed above are not going to stop me from posting about weekend - which technically for me started on Thursday.

photo one // Went out for a night in the city with Felicia. We went to one of the restaurants associated with my work and hung out, had some calamari and pizza, which were all completely delicious.

photo two // Selfie Central. That is what I looked like on Thursday night when we went out.

photo three // After dinner we went over to a little pastry/bake shop near the restaurant. We grabbed some coffee and a slice of cake a piece and continued to talk and catch up.

photo four // After working a nine hour day at work on Good Friday I decided to come home and bake up a storm for my co-workers. They absolutely loved me the next day. You're welcome.

photo five // Easter Sunday service at my church.

photo six // Ruby is the only person that will willingly cuddle with me, so I decided to take her up on that offer. She is so snuggly.

photo seven // Sweet bread, ricotta pie, pasteria (rice pie) and ricotta tort. This is what dessert time looks like at our house on Easter.

photo eight // Spent the night playing Phase 10 and eating all the yummy desserts with my cousins and grandfather.

photo nine // The night ended with this little fluffy ball falling asleep in the middle of the room while my cousins and I watched re-runs of The Voice.

How was your Easter weekends?


  1. I completely agree that every Monday after a holiday should be a day of rest.. I'm voting for you! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. great photos - looks like a fun weekend. i agree that we should have mondays off too :) new follower from the monday mingling hop!