Monday, April 22, 2013

Take a chill pill, Marissa. Okay, Brain.

Looks like it's Monday again.
And here I am, like always, with no interesting weekend stories.
Big shock over here, I know.

It's actually kind of funny because things have been hitting me this week. Like the simple fact that in just about three weeks I will be done with my second semester of college, done with finals, done with my first year of college and on summer vacation. Mi scusi, but where did the time go? I will get into the swing of working more hours and spending more time doing things that I love, which includes getting my team prepared and ready for National Fine Arts in Orlando in the beginning of August. I feel like I need to put on a seat belt with all the things that are going to be full-steam ahead in the coming weeks and months. 

But, I am trying to keep calm (and carry on) and muddle through the last few papers, presentations and tests the semester throws at me, all while I am trying to keep my butt in shape, getting ready for new tight uniforms at work bathing suit season. 

So, how do I relax, you may be asking yourself. 
Because, I would be asking that question if I were reading a post like this. 

How I Relax 

You know. I like to just grab my private jet and head to a tropical beach in Bermuda and just set up my little beach chair and pink sun hat and catch some waves and soak up the sun all while my boyfriend, Adam Levine, is sitting near by strumming on his guitar writing a song about how beautiful I am.

Ha. Gotchya. Cause, I know that all sounds terribly believable.

How I REALLY Relax
  • Listening to Italian music: I grew up listening to Italian music because my dad always played it and my Nana also loved it, so I also picked up a love for musica di italiana. I love Andrea Bocelli and Il Divo. I have a whole playlist on my Spotify with songs I love that immediately keep me calm and relaxed that's all Italian.
  • Scrolling through Pinterest: I don't know why, but there is something just so relaxing about reading inspirational quotes, finding new recipes and laughing at e-cards. I find myself scrolling endlessly at night on my iPhone while I am trying to go to sleep. And then I get excited about a new chocolate cake recipe I want to try. Yes, Pinterest gets me excited. 
  • Blogging: There is nothing more captivating than blogging, to me at least. I can literally lose myself while I am writing a blog post, or reading up on other people's blogs.It takes me away from my world and puts me into my own brain, if I am writing for my blog, or let's me see what's going on in other people's lives to distract me from my own. Ha. 

How do you relax and take yourself away from the world?

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