Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Movies, Studying & Shopping.

Happy March & Happy Monday!
Since I actually did some post-worthy things this weekend, I thought that I would share them here with you all, and link up with Miss Sami over at her blog for the Weekend Shenanigans. So, I am going to get this little show on the rode, if I may.
Friday night was the epitome of "dinner and a movie". I got out of work around six and then I had to rush home and shower and see my friend who was coming over at six-thirty. For the next hour she proceeded to watch me get dressed and we rushed to the plaza where we flew into Five Guys, grabbed a few burgers, fries and sodas, proceeding to then race to the cinema just in time to make it to the movie. Somehow we managed to shove two burgers, fries, stand up a soda and shove candy into our purses. We made it and enjoyed the movie 21 and Over, which was funny as heck. Added bonus that the attractive Astin Skylar from Pitch Perfect was in the film.
I got a pleasant surprise on Friday night when I saw that a good, old friend of mine was alive active on his Instagram account! He wasn't much of a social media guy, and he barely answered texts, so I was surprised to see him active online. After I saw the photo, I took my messages and texted him quick, totally preparing myself for no response - and I was totally surprised. I got to talking with him for an hour and we caught up a little are planning to make plans with our other friends so we can all be together again and have a little re-union.
My little "waiting in the car before heading into work" selfie & the coffee that keeps me rocking, rolling and packing that pasta like a champ: a beautiful, medium dark chocolate mocha. That's heaven in a cup.
Sunday I decided to finally buckle down and get ready for my mid-term exams that start this week. I went out and bought two packs of 200 count flashcards from the Dollar Store and got to work. I wrote Italian words until they all blended together. That is a current photo of the stack, and I wasn't even done yet. After going through half of the Italian vocabulary, I decided to text a friend and take a little break and browse arond Target. My shopping plan to not spend more than $5 on one item. Misson accomplished! Check out the deals I got: bracelets for $1.08 - because when they are that cheap, you get one in every color - and the socks for $1.99.
I spent my night around the table eating dinner with my parents and grandfather. I snuck away afterwards to paint my toes and nails. I love this color, boxershorts by Essie. It makes me think of springtime, which I am more than excited and ready for. After that, I spent a little time with the pup, who wouldn't look at me because she was too busy trying to catch table scraps. She's such a diva!
I rounded out my Sunday night watching "The Amazing Spiderman" drooling over how totally adorable Andrew Garfield is, while eating a Cadburry Creme Egg. Oh, the life.

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