Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Green, Shamrocks & Kiddos.

Oh, hi there. I must have taken a trip and fallen off the face of the blog-o-sphere. Sorry about the small comercial break, but I am back on this Monday and ready for the regularly scheduled programing that happens around these parts.
I would take this opportunity to tell you all about my amazing Spring Break. But, that said Spring Break was non-existant. I had one day off that week, and I worked my butt off the rest of the days. So, you can say that last week was merely uneventful. I am guessing that you expected that from me though, right? I lead a boring life: why do I blog? My friends, I ask myself that same question all the time.
But, there is good news! Today is Monday, which means I can link-up and tell you all about my weekend and the the things I actually did do on this moderately interesting weekend. Note: I used the word moderately.
photo one // Friday night I went out to dinner with my parents and grandfather. I was utterly exhausted and not hungry, so I decided to make my clam chowduh smile. Yes, I said chowduh, it's a New England thing.
photo two // My dad, being the best man on the planet, stopped and got me a shamrock shake from McDonalds. Oh my goodness. If you have never had one, then you are not living and need to wait until next St. Patty's Day and scoop one up immediately. I always forget how wonderful they are until I have one again.
photo three // Being a mostly Irish girl working in a place filled with Italians can be slightly intimidating. I decided to embrace my Irish heritage and all of it's green glory and wear my green Converse to work on Saturday. I wasn't working Sunday, so I decided to deck out a day early. All of my fellow Irishmen complimented them.
photo four // Sunday morning as I was emptying the pockets of my Northface, I found this litle slip tucked away. It was a list of the pasta that I needed to unload from the truck the day before at work. I just can't get away from that place, it even follows me home.
photo five // As most girls do when they are alone in their car, I took a selfie. I was rocking my yellow and green for St. Patty's Day along with my leather jacket, clearance aisle Target sunglasses and a little Coral Crush lipstick by Revlon.
photo six // I went to the bakery with my mom for a little something for breakfast. Boy, do I love a good bakery pastry. My mom and I walked out of their with a piece each.
photo seven // Happy St. Patty's day from my favorite little man, Cameron! Isn't he a ham?
photo eight // I went to my baby cousin Annabelle's 1st birthday on Sunday afternoon. She is just the cutest stinking thing. She was totally loving shoving her face into her little cake, along with a little help from her daddy.
photo nine // I was fortunate enough to get a hold of the little princess, before she fell asleep, that is. I got my hands on and played with her for a little while until she started to get those heavy eyelids and was whisked away to a nap.
Hope you all had a great day enjoying being Irish, whether it be all year 'round, or just for the day.

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