Thursday, March 14, 2013

Keeping up with Marissa: forget the Kardashians.

I can't believe that it is already Thursday and I am another day closer to going back to classes on Monday. Oh, spring break, how I will miss this week off to do the things I really want to do. Speaking of the things that I have been doing, I feel like I really haven't beeing doing any life-blogging. If that makes any sense at all. I have been very emotional lately, as I am sure you guys can tell from my previous posts. But, I am going to fill you in on the recent happenings in my life. Which, granted, still aren't very exciting, I like to think I can lead an interesting life every now and again.
photo one | Tuesday I had the wonderful opportunity to actually take some time out for myself and go and get my hair done. Keeping up my blonde persona takes hard work! Dark roots were giving me a head ache and they needed to be gone. I went to a new salon near my work and I absolutely love how she did it and how it came out. I just sat back, relaxed, sipped my mocha iced latte and listened to Rihanna. Unfortunately right after the appointment, I had to run to work. Sad face.
photo two | I spent Tuesday night with Felicia. I was having a really rough afternoon after my hair appointment because I am a girl and I overthink everything and happen to be very dramatic. She met me up at my house after I closed and we headed to dinner together, then rushed over to Target and picked up some things for the ultimate pathetic single girls' party. We spent the night watching Dance Moms, Preacher's Daughters and then topped it off with Easy A.
photo three | Wednesday morning Felicia and I went out for breakfast to a local coffee shop. I grabbed a hazelnut coffee and a muffin to tie me over. It was a good time to sit back and get in gaear for the morning. And by morning, I mean, when this photo was taken, it was already around 11 AM.
photo four | After our breakfast/lunch - brunch - we headed to the movie theater (after another quick trip to Target, oops!) and saw Oz: The Great and Powerful. It was a good movie, and I am glad I saw it. Was it spectacular? Not really. Half the time I thought we were in Wonderland instead of Oz. But, the always handsome James Franco kept me entertained. If you want to go see it, go. It was a good time.
That's all that is really going on in my life at the current moment.
Hopefully some point in time I can actually be interesting and have you all love me.

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