Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Baking, Heels & Marilyn.

It's Monday again. I apologize from the bottom of my little Marissa heart for not being so ever-present around these parts lately. I have been lacking inspiration and trying to get my bloggy mojo back, because I just haven't been feeling it lately. But, after a few days of reading, researching and looking at my life, I think I finally have some material and fun posts ahead for you nice people who stop by here and read what I have to say.

But, because it's like bloggy law that on a Monday you need to re-cap your weekend, I will follow such invisible law. Which also means it's time to link it on up with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans. I can't say that this weekend was all that exciting, but it was a good one.

photo one // Lonely Friday nights call for baking, right? I baked for a little bit, made myself a little dinner and spent the remainder of my night watching 'Four Weddings'. I brought those lovely little brownies stuffed with Oreos to work on Saturday. My co-workers loved them, obviously! Sometimes you can just brighten a persons day when you hand them a little treat.

photo two // After a long day at work on Saturday, I only felt that it was necessary to go to Target and spend a laege sum of money on these heels that I have been eyeing for what seems to be forever. The five inch heels make my already tall self look like a gosh-dang skyscraper, and I am not complaining. First awesome purchase with my tax refund money.

photo three // Came home from said shopping trip with a little mocha latte and snuggled up in bed and watched "My Week with Marilyn". If you haven't seen it, go watch it. Such a fabulous film.

photo four // These litle suckers - nutella filled chocolate eggs - will be the death of me. My work got these bad boys shipped in last week and I have been staring at them for a while, so I just had to try a few, right? I mean, I need to be able to tell my customers if they are good or not!

photo five // Here is my OOTD from Sunday: mint jeans from Charolette Russe, peach shirt from Charolette Russe, white blazer from American Eagle, teal pearls from Forever 21.

photo six // Had a nice leisurely breakfast with mom after church. A little cheese danish and a nice, tall glass of milk. Nothing beats a little pastry on a fresh Spring morning.

Hope your weekend was a great one. See you back here soon.


  1. Ooooh love those heels girl they are so cute! Nutella filled eggs sounds just delish! Love your Sunday outfit too! Thanks for linking up :)

    1. The heels are my new babies, can't wait for it to be a little warmer so I can rock 'em, and yes yes, the little chocolate eggs were delicious! & No problem, I love your link-up!

  2. Oh, how I would KILL for an oreo filled brownie right now. That sounds so delicious! Good pick on those wedges girl. I'm 5'10, so you wouldn't catch me dead in those things. I'm already a giant! ;D