Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts of Me.

Buongiorno, bellas!
Can you tell that I just got out of my first Italian class of the semester?

Now that I am back in classes and back to my usual work schedule, my life is back to being more boring than normal. Go on, judge my grandma lifestyle, do it! I will beat you with my cane and splash your face with prune juice.
But lucky for me I also had an awesome link-up planned for today, thanks to Miss Whitney, over at I wore yoga pants to work. So, let's get on with the show so you can learn some silly, strange, odd and maybe useful things about me.
It takes me a solid hour and a half to get ready. And that's if I am in a hurry. From the moment I step into the shower to the last spray of PINK Body Mist, it takes me a good 90 minutes; on a good day. If I know I have time, it can take me three hours. My hair alone takes me a good 45 minutes to an hour because I have to blowdry it, then use my round brush to blowdry it straight and then pick my weapon: straightner or flat iron. Add five minutes to that process if I decide to wear my bangs that day - that's just a struggle.  My makeup doesn't take long, I was never super artist with eyeliner and eyeshadow. I would rather not have people staring at my face becuse it was extra colorful.
My nails always need to be painted. I think unpainted nails are ugly and just a big old NO. I dont even care if I have to use tacky nail stickers - like I am currently wearing zebra ones - to have something on my nails, I will do it. Even though I hate myself everytime I paint my nails because I know they will get ruined at work #cashierprobz. But, none the less, I have an army of Essie nailpolish and I am not afraid to use them.
I can only drink Diet Coke. No waitress, Pepsi is not okay. Pepsi makes me extra burpy and bloated and I just don't like it. I mean, if Coke is good enough for the polar bears in the North Pole, that is good enough for me, dangit!
When I was in high school, I had an emo/rock phase. I mean, didn't we all? My freshman-sophomore year of high school, I wanted to be Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. All I did was wear black nail polish, straighten my hair pin straight everyday, wear skinny jeans with vests and converse. I mean, it wasn't cute at all. Then my junior year I wanted to be Lauren Conrad. My senior year I wore sweatshirts all the time. After talking with a friend about this recently, I am now Demi Lovato meets Lauren Conrad. I love frilly and girly things, but I still love my leather jacket and studded combat boots.
This photo was from the later years of the Demi Lovato phase.
I work with my dad. It's not all it's cracked up to be, really. We both work at the same market and he is a manager of the butcher shop and I am a cashier. It used to be nice when I started working there 3 years ago. He would buy my lunches and make sure I was okay. Now, he embarasses me, doesn't love me alone and sticks his nose into all my business at work. Love ya dad!
I am a theater kid. I always will be, I am sure of it. I love being in plays and shows and I also love writing them and putting them together. I have had some doozy of roles in my day, but I always had a blast and it was always a fun time. I love going to see shows and I will jump on any chance to see one. Though, I have yet to see one on Broadway. Hint, hint, MOM!
I talk way too loud. I am Italian, and I don't apologize for it. So what if the people down the street know that my car mats are filthy, I probably entertained them for a few minutes. Your welcome.
I have a beauty mark in the corner of my eyes and everyone thinks it's dirt/makeup. Yes, it's a beauty mark and no, no matter how hard you rub it, it will not go away. I used to hate it, but now I have come to accept it. I was born this way, baby ~
Everyone tells me I look like Taylor Swift. I may or may not have started this rumor, but tons of people jumped on the bandwagon. It really depends on the day, I am not going to go out all over and say that I look like her all the time, it really does depend on the day. But, I am not hating on it.
Can ya see it? Yeah, I know you can. Just a little bit.
I have had about 6-7 dogs in my lifetime. My current pup Ruby is the longest reigning dog in the house. Our family has had a ton, and then we eventually end up getting rid of them, selling them to loving home, because they were just a terror in the house or my dad didn't like them. Fortunately, dad likes Ruby. So, we are on a good one.
I don't have any games on my iPhone. I don't like games unless they are on other people's phones. I would never waste my space on a game when I can have five different photo editing apps.
Thanks Whitney for giving me an excuse to talk about myself today.
Love ya, girl!


  1. 1st, love you tons.
    2nd, yes.. nails painted ALWAYS.
    3rd, I have no games on my iPhone either.
    4th, I don't know why I'm numbering my comments to you.
    5th, I think I'm delirious.

    1. 1st, love you back.
      2nd, people get offended when I talk about unpainted nails and I am like, augh, sashay away!
      3rd, finally someone like me!
      4th, it's okay.
      5th, I am on the same boat.

  2. The best part of link ups, is happening upon a blog like yours and realizing that you just have to follow. :) Nail polish is my guilty pleasure...I'm leaving for basic training in a week and I can't wear it for 6 months :( saddest thing ever.

    1. Awe, yay! I am glad that you enjoyed the trip over to my little blog! Augh, nail polish is my biggest addiction!

  3. hey came across your blog on the GFC blog hop!!
    Can i just say.....omg and hour and a half to get ready!! Id never get anything done lol......due to my busy life with fulltime work and 2 boys i have literally got my getting ready routine down to 15 mins on a workday and about half an hour on a night out!!

    Do pop over and say hello xxx

  4. Visiting from the link up and love your blog! It takes me forever to get ready too but only because I get distracted with music or TV. And I love Diet Coke. Newest follower here :)