Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So, Christmas is over. Now what?

Well, since I haven't really talked about my ever-so exciting life in a while, I decided that a post-Christmas post would be moderately interesting.
Over the weekend I got together with a few of my best friends who I either haven't seen in a while or at all in the past few months, so that we could get together for the holiday. Being in colleges all over really don't help the friendship bonding. So, we all went out to a dinner just to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the food and company, rather than spending money on stupid gifts that you feel obligated to buy. We had a great dinner, and a fun time being together again.
first: lindsey and i // second: all of us
Sunday I had the production of the Christmas play that I have been working on being performed at my church. Your homegirl here wrote and directed the entire sha-bang. From soup to nuts, baby. I was so proud of how it turned out and I am glad that all of our hard work paid off. (along with all of my panic attacks and OCD moments)
first: my view from the upper sound booth // second: my view from the first row
Christmas Eve was just a whole bunch of frustration. Myself, along with my co-workers were totally frustrated and annoyed at the fact that we were working and it was our third line-out-the-door kind of day. Literally. But, I did get to give Michele her Christmas gift which she loved, yay! And I also got to give other gifts to my favorite boys at work. They are just so freakin' cute, you would have sworn I gave them a puppy. But, once the day was over, I got to go home (after being the last one to leave, tyvm) and went to church and then out to dinner with my parents.
You thought that I was kidding about the line out the door, huh?
But, there is always one thing that puts a smile on my face: opening presents on Christmas morning.
Now, you may be wondering to yourself, did Santa read my blog and get me everything I wanted?
Pretty much, I can say so.
Go Santa! Four for you, Santa!
first: michael kors wallet // second: gift cards from family & friends // third: vs bodyspray
fourth: glitter boat shoes // fifth: vs yoga pants & yoga underwear // sixth: vera wang flats
seventh: kate spade iphone case // eigth: alex and ani's // ninth: taylor swift items
Among other things, these were a few of my favorite gifts that I recieved this Christmas.
So, thanks bunches Santa. You done did good, fat man.

And here is how I spent my afternoon:
Then, I fell into a Christmas cookie coma.
The End.



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