Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Regrets, but not really.

Well guys, the holidays are over, and I am sure some of us have a few regrets.
So, I am going to admit all the things that I am moderately ashamed of.
But, you know. I am going all Katy Perry on this: no regrets, just love.

It's totally okay to....
1. Eat Christmas cookies like it's my job.
I don't even care if anyone was judging me as I kept sticking my hand into the tray of cookies and picked out all of the peanut butter balls and the peanut butter blossoms. They are yummy and I don't care what people say, I am in love with them. (yes, I quote Leona Lewis, haters gonna hate)
I am pretty sure that I probably looked like a fat slobone eating all the cookies, but somebody needs to eat them.
2. Not having a gift for someone even though they give you one.
I am usually so on top of gifts and I never forget anyone, but sometimes people sneak up on you like a ninja and call you over alone and give you something and you have absolutely no idea what to do with but try to contain your face of shock and say ""
3. Over-do gifts for your besties.
Again, I like giving gifts. So, I like to see my friends faces when I give them gifts. When I gave my best friend Michele her Christmas gift I loved seeing her open it because I litereally bought her so much stuff, I couldn't stop buying her things. I pulled out all the stops. I also put a lot of thought into things I give. One of my friends drives a gray pick-up truck, so I bought him a mini match box truck and painted it gray. He loved it. Oh yeah, I am that good. I just like to show the people I love in my life that I do indeed love them (even though I may insult them on the daily, ngl)
4. Pretend to like gifts from family.
My family either hits the nail on the head with gifts, or totally have an epic fail moment. This Christmas, was a little but of both. I got $30 bucks worth of Dunkin and a nice check, but everything else was just eh. But, you know you have to make it seem like you love it and make it seem like you just recieved a unicorn.
5. Listening to "real" music on Christmas.
Wouldn't you think that on Christmas you would actually want to listen to Christmas music, but on the drive to my Nana's house I popped in my new XTina CD and was jamming hardcore. I was so freaking sick of Christmas music, I would strangle even Michael Buble if I heard any type of Christmas melody come out of his mouth on Christmas day. I was having a grand old time screaming "ALL IIII WANNNAAAA DOOOO ISSS LOVEE YAAA BODDYYY OHOOOHHOOOHHHOOOOHHHHH!!"


  1. loveee these!

    Thanks for laugh this morning:)

  2. Love all of these! So true! Especially eating christmas cookies like its my job...haha.

    1. Oh the Christmas cookies! Forever my downfall...even days after Christmas!

  3. Swinging by from the link-up... Thanks for the giggle! Favorite was "pretend to like gifts from family" (this was my in-laws to a "T" this year)! ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      Oh boy, we all know how to winny Tony Awards when it comes to those situations, gotta act like we love it!

  4. Those Britney clips are cracking me up! I feel ya though, I took a whole bag of peanut butter cookies home with me..and a bowl of hamburger stew. Nom nom nom!