Monday, December 24, 2012

Obligatory Christmas Post.

Because my life is crazy busy and I have so much going on at once until the new year happens.
Ya know, like waiting on undeserving customers at 8 AM who are yelling at me about their pasta.
I wanted to take a little time out and wish you all a Merry Christmas, considering it's Christmas Eve.

Christmas is alway my favorite holiday because people are always so giving and caring; again, unless you are the customers at my job, then you are ungrateful and just a bunch of Scrooge's who don't care if I walk you to your car with heavy bags, just as long as you have the perfect cold cuts for your anitpasto. I love giving to people, which is why I love going out Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts. I always think about what people are going to think and what embarassing faces they will make when they open it, whethers it's of happiness or of hatred. I like to give, and I am an over-giver. If I see something you would like, I keep buying until my wallet is empty. Case in point, my best friend Michele. I couldn't stop buying for her: it became a problem. I went to a few meetings and everything is better now.
I also like to recieve. I know that sounds super duper awful. I know, gasp in shock.
Judge me all you want.
But, you can't tell me that when someone hands you a pretty package with your name on it wrapped with a shiny bow, you aren't excited as heck to open up that sucker and see what the heck is inside.
Yeah, I know you would be on my side.
Especially if it's cookies or any kind of baked item.
Shout out to my girl Felicia's mom for making some bomb oreo balls. Holla holla!
But, let's not forget what it's really about over here.
Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus.
Yeah, I am going all church on you, so bear with me.
It's all about the amazeballs birth of Jesus and how he saved all of mankind by coming down from Heaven to Earth. I mean, I wouldn't want to leave my streets of gold for people like us, so I give him props.
So, here is to Jesus, for being born and saving my life. 


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