Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Friday, Friday, I really have to go to work on Friday.

^ Because Glee rocks this song tens times harder ^

Happy Friday, kittykats.
For all of you wonderful people who got this week off and is enjoying this post by sitting down at around 10 AM, drinking a cup of coffee and just relaxing: I envy the crap out of you.
I have to work. And work some more. And maybe when I am done, work again.
The pattern then repeats itself all weekend until New Years Eve, which I work work and hopefully get out early. #holla
Well, since everyone seems to be in a bloggy schlump this week, and we all just kinda suck at making posts, I decided to jump on the sucky post bandwagon and be the super-duperest laziest girl ever and be prompted by doing Friday Letters, without doing the link-up. Cause that makes me a boss.

Dear Wallet, I am sorry that I have not been feeding you as often as I should. But just you wait, little bugger, I have some nice big green slabs of wonderfulness coming your way! You will be full, or atleast fed, in just a little while.
Dear Christmas, I am so glad that you are over.
Dear Holiday Hours, You freaking suck, you little fun sucker! I have no life and I haven't worn real clothes in weeks because of you. I hate you and I wish that you would leave. Thank God it's almost the New Year and I can go back to my regularly scheduled hours. You leave me with extra money and no way to use any of it because you take up all my free time. Yeah, I hate you a lot, pal.
Dear Tall Person, Thanks for always being so kind and caring. Oh, and gracious. Yeah, that's a quality you don't get from most people. So, four for you for just being totes rad. Oh yeah, and for giving the most awkward hugs ever. Yup, they are awkward, but they are you.
Dear Ralph Lauren Bracelet, Goodness I love you so much but WHY MUST YOU BE A PAIN TO PUT ON EVERY MORNING?!!?
Dear Coffee, Hey buddy, thanks for never abandoning me. You always have my back no matter what it is greatly appreciated. You are hot when I need you, and nice and ice cold when I need you. You know exactly what I want. You are always so understanding and forgiving.
Dear Readers, Sorry I suck lately at blog posts, but my life is super un-interesante at the moment, but things should be picking up when my good old friend Holiday Hours leaves town. But, I love you guys for putting up with me through all of this. You da, you da best.