Monday, December 31, 2012

Cheers, 2012!

Well, 2012.
It's been real, it's been fun; and you have had your moments of real fun.
But, thank the good Lord above that you are over and done with.
Sashay away now, your fifteen minutes (actually 365 days) of fame is over.
I am not going to go through every little spec of my past year, because that would not only bore you, but I would probably fall alseep with drool all over the keyboard if I had to do that. As I always state, I am not the most interesting person on the face of the planet; sue me! But, I will just briefly list a few of the cool things that happened this year.
Let's start with I got accepted into the college that I wanted to get into (even though it's a state college and anyone who can inhale and exhale can get accepeted to).  I also got scholarship money for being a fabulicious human being (AKA: for being an artsy farsty girl who liked to be in the drama club). I also flipping graduated, holla holla! Among other things, I also turned 18, worked crazy hours, met amazing people, had many expensive dinners and spent way too much money on nail polish. I started and finished my first semester of college and survived another crazy two weeks of holiday hours at work. Yep, 2012. You weren't all that shabby.
 Don't let my little upper paragraph fool you. I did a lot of things in 2012, I just can't even begin to talk about all the random crap I have done that I loved, but I don't want to write all that and you probably don't wanna read it. So, I will leave that as that. So, there!

Speaking of which, 2013.
You better be freaking good, because if not, we have some major beef.
Now now. Here comes that time in the post where I talk about my new years resolutions.
I am not one of those people who think they are pointless, it's all about how serious you are going to take them. I believe in 2013 bucketlists or things you want to accomplish. So, I guess I will share some of mine.
1. Eat healthier & exercise; I actually really need to do this for my health, to keep all weird family medical things away. So, I am taking this one very serious, and I am going to try my best to lose just about 10 pounds, if that's at all possible.
2. Meet new people; I am usually outgoing, but to new people I am shy. Go figure. So, I want to try to talk to new people and make new friends on campus, so I am not the loner girl who carries around her laptop everywhere because she has no friends. #bloggerlife
3. Work on procrastination; notice how I didn't say stop. I just know that's impossible, but I am going to try my best to not be that girl who is working on that five page paper at midnight when it's due at 8 AM. I would have less stress and need less coffee. (though I would never pass up a coffee!)
Goodbye 2012!
It was nice knowing ya.
Oh, and we are never ever getting back together.
Like, ever.

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