Monday, October 15, 2012

Why I watch The Voice.

This show is my absolute favorite. I never miss an episode. It's an addiction and a problem and I will gladly check into some kind of singing-tv-show-addicts mental institution once the season is over. You have some of the greatest names in music working together to find the next big thing - the voice.
But, now I would just like to point out the real reason why I watch the show.
 These two. Right there. They are the main reason.
Adam Noah Levine & Blake Tollison Shelton
They are too funny! Last season it was all about their bromance and now this season they are fighting and mocking each other. It's just the cutest darn thing and they are both way too stinking adorable! Adam and his cute little teenage boy ways and Blake's sweet little country twang in his voice, it makes them so precious. But, then Adam has the stubble and tattoos that are just soooo hot - I just break a sweat - and Blake's piercing blue eyes that make me melllllt.

Not to mention, I love seeing them cry and plee their case to get people on their team. I would be falling all over myself if either of them told me that they wanted me. Augh. I would pass out. No doubt. I would be drooling and crying and awkwardly laughing and I would go and tackle the heck out of them and hug them and kiss them. They would need security to pry me off. I'd be on them like white on rice.

Well, moving on now....
Can I just also point out that they both have such great music?!
My favorite song my Blake is Hillbilly Bone - don't hate, appreciate.
I can't even pick a favorite Maroon 5 song. (i am totally and completely obssessed with the band and adam, in case that's not apparent)  But, I will pick a song that Adam and the band have covered, and that would be The Way You Look Tonight.

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