Sunday, October 21, 2012

We love; because God loved us.

I am a big quote girl. I love quotes and I love finding meaning in what people say.
This morning during our church service my pastor had said something that really made sense and had me pondering through out the rest of the service.
"Preach the gospel...if necessary, use words."
I thought about that and it really makes sense. We should be living our lives as an example, as a light in the darkness. We shouldn't blend in with the things around us, but stand out. My dad always tells me that when people would treat me badly it was because they deflected the light that was living inside of me and he told me that it wasn't anything personal, they just didn't want Jesus.
The more I thought about this, the more I began to think that if everything I do really shows the true love of Jesus. Everyone has some instances where they aren't as Christ-like as they should be. In my case it when customers at work ask stupid questions, when I am doing more work than my boss, when people don't know how to drive in the rain (I am sure y'all can relate, don't think I'm crazy!) But, I told myself that I am going to work on it and be the best Marissa that I can be and daughter of God I can be. Every one makes mistakes; yes. It's learning from them and growing from them is what makes us stronger. So, I that's what I am challenging you with.
Now, I will leave you with what our guest speaker told us.
"Live your life, so that the scripture may be fulfilled."

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