Monday, October 22, 2012


My twin, Taylor Swift's, album came out today! I am so excited to have it, hold it, smell it, hug it, listen to it, worship it, all of the above. It's absolute no secret that I love Taylor and it's no secret that I think I am a mini her; so I always flip the heck out whenever something happens with her. So, pardon me as I spaz out for a little while!
Songs have been releasing for the past week but I refused to listen to any of them because I always wanted the first time I listen to the songs to be from the CD; and I always buy the CD. I am not one of those people that buy the album off iTunes. I like to not only physically have the CD, but I want to contribute to the record sales. Call me crazy (or maybe...wait, what!?). So, I am soooooooooooo amped to put this puppy on my iPod and lay in my bed and listen to each song. Don't worry cool cats, you will be getting an album review later on in the week! ;)
How stinking cute is she?! Ah! I can't even take her. She is soo precious and adorable. I have no words for you, Miss Taytay.
Oh. Oh. OH. I don't take any hate on Taylor, ever. My biggest pet peeve is when people say that she isn't talented and her music makes no sense and she is immature. First of all, she is making a heck of a lot more money than you and is one of the most popular celebrities out there now, so I am pretty sure she is better off than you, haters! Second, she is talented or else she wouldn't be famous. She can sing and play the guitar and she write all of her music herself - most people in the industry don't do that anymore. Again, don't hate, appreciate. Third, she is in her early twenties which means she is still young and she is still trying to figure out herself and her life and love. So, let her talk about it in her music because she is speaking what a lot of girls can't or won't say. Taylor is so widely understood by teenagers and young adults because she is so real. So, there! (insert me snapping in a z formation)
You should totally go and check out the album or a few songs.
Yeah? Yeah!


  1. hi hi hi! found your blog through margaret today and just wanted to tell you that i love it :)
    oh, also, i LOVEEE red! so good. fave song is the one with ed sheeran in it!

    1. Hello! Thank you sooooo much for stopping by, it means so much to me. Ahh "Everything Has Changed", that's my favorite song too! It is just so stinking perfect. :)