Saturday, October 6, 2012

SWAG: She Wants A Gentleman.

I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately, considering I have been in a few situtations where I can talk more elaborately on the topic. I am going to talk about it, ladies. Men. And how they should act and treat us ladies.
In my English class a few days ago we were talking about how back in the day, when a man liked a woman he would know by a particular glance she would give him or the way she would act around him, or he would openly profess that he had some interest in her. In order to win her affection, he would, say, compete in competitions and wear her favorite colors, he would buy her things, compliment her, etc. Can I ask, where is that now?!
In today's standards, a guy telling a girl she is "sexy" or "hot" can spark a flame and turn into a relationship. Do you want to know why that happens? Because girls have no self-respect, and are some times in need (or desperate) to want the attention of a man. Well, ladies, I am here to tell you that a guy should have to do more than look at you and say "dang, girl" before you are all over him, and in love. You need to see what's really going through his head and what he wants from you. Guys are 99.9% pigs. Watch them.
More possitive outlooks, I have good news. THERE ARE GENTLMEN OUT THERE. It just takes a lady a while to see through the outer charm and see the guys real heart of gold. You need to look for a man that will call you "beautiful" and "gorgeous" instead of "sexy" and "hot". You want a man that will hold the door open for you. A man that will open your car door and put out his hand to help you out. A man that will help you out in any situtation; carry something heavy, be there to listen when you need to talk, etc. You just got to look ladies, they are out there.
Now, ladies. I have a bone to pick with YOU. Stop letting men treat you like garbage! You are a woman, a lady, a princess. If a man doesn't treat you like that, then you should seriously reconsider. You want to be happy, not constantly miserable. Don't get into a relationship just because of looks, status or anything superficial either. Yes, sometimes those things do play a role, but make sure that he is a good person on the inside, then on the outside. Be patient too! The man of your dreams will come soon. Cinderella had to clean a lot of furniture before she met Prince Charming! Fill your time with things and then the man will find you!


  1. You are wise beyond your years!
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