Friday, October 5, 2012

Guest Post: Fall Favorites with Allie.

Since the wonderful Margaret posted about the things she loves about Fall last week, I decided to invite another one of my favorite bloggers and new friend Allie to post some of her favorite things about the current season! She is so sweet, friendly and adorable. Please go check her out, she's amazeballs!
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Hey ya'll! I'm Allie and you can find me over at Tales of a Twenty Something!
About my blog? The name is self-explanatory right? It's just that....Tales of a Twenty Something, with that Twenty Something being ME!

In case you wanna come say Hi, click on that little button up there :)
Since ya'll come visit Marissa on the daily, you know just how sweet she is! So when I received an email requesting that I guest post, there was no WAY I could say no! Seriously, what an honor!
Since it is already October, yeah tell me about it, I am going to share with you my fall favorites!
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I absolutely love Fall! It's my favorite time of year, well after Christmas time of course. I'm from North Carolina, so we rarely really get a fall, however we do get some of the prettiest fall colors on our trees.
So, let's talk Fall.
Scarves, hot chocolate, the State Fair, Pumpkins (the real thing & the candy) & fall colors!

Proof! This was me a few days ago, it was still 72 degrees outside :)
Girl loves a scarf! (oh I call myself girl quite a bit)
As soon as it gets the tiniest bit chilly, I wear a scarf. Not to keep me warm of course, but for the extra accessory! And what's worse, I buy them like they are going out of style. Some may or may not still have the tags on them.
Hot Chocolate
I love Starbucks. But I hate coffee. I know, I know, shoot me.
& no I do not like the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Starbucks has AMAZING hot chocolate and it's even worth paying $4.00 for a Grande!

Don't you think Starbucks should come out with a fall cup? See - love Christmas time too!

The NC State Fair
I haven't been to multiple state fairs, so I'm just going off what I know from our own. It's coming up in like 10 days and I'm ecstatic! I try to go AT least twice while it's here. Oh and I go solely for the fair food, AKA fried oreos. You will not find me on those rides. I mean c'mon! They put them together in a day ya'll - totally not safe!
AHHHHH (that is angels singing in case you didn't know)
How can we talk about fall and not mention a pumpkin? Those orange gourds are the cutest things ever! Normally I carve it, but I think this year we will go a little more girly and paint/monogram it!
Totally precious right?
And now, maybe my favorite thing...
These babies.
Mellowcreme Pumpkins
Remember we just started October right? And although every store under the sun has had these babies since August for a few weeks, I'm on my second big bag of them and I'm almost ready for another one.
I don't like candy corn though. I know...weird right?

Remember how I mentioned the gorgeous fall colors we see here in NC?
Fall Colors
As in the leaves...
This would be in Brevard, NC
PS I'm a bad North Carolinian, I have no idea where Brevard is and I got this off Google, but hey it still gets the point across right?
I don't wanna die trying to take a picture of the pretty leaves while driving down the road!

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What are your fall favorites?

Thanks again Marissa for letting me take over your blog :)

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  1. You are to sweet! Thank you so much again :) xoxo and have a great weekend lady!!