Thursday, October 18, 2012

Singature Scents.

I am a perfume addict. I can buy perfume and body spray all day e'ry day. I recently just spent about a half hour walking around a Bath & Body Works store just smelling so many different sprays, lotions and candles. I wish I could work there. I would never shower, I would just wear a different spray everyday. (Just kidding, that'd be super duper gross!)
Then, I decided to compile a little list of my favorite sprays from B&BW that I like to wear and what exactly you would be smelling when I give you a bear hug. Yes, I give bear hugs to absolute anyone. I have hugged strangers. I love hugging. Okay...moving on!
All those bottles you can at B&BW for just about $14, depending upon if they are on sale, which they are very often.
I also wanted to share my favorite scents on men! I would just like to take this opportunity to share my love, my passionate love, for men's cologne. There is nothing more attractive than a wonderful smelling man. Ladies, I know you are all agreeing with me! I had a friend that whenever I would hug him I would have his scent on me all day and I would just find myself sniffing my shirt - in a totally noooooot creepy way. I love cologne so much that I even joked with my friends that I would spray my pillows with cologne before I go to sleep because of my lack of boyfriend. #desperategirlprobs

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