Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bless you, Lauren Conrad!

I am so easily frustrated when it comes to clothes shopping. Don't get me wrong: I love to shop, I can shop until I drop and then have someone drag me around to shop some more. But, I don't like the whole trying on clothes thing. Like, is that really necessary? When something doesn't fit, I get personally offended. I have been so upset sometimes to the point of tears. (don't judge me!) It is a rare occassion when things do fit, so I have come to accept the fact that clothes and my body just don't along. Things won't fit correctly because I need clothes bigger because my shoulders are very broad but the rest of me is small, so the tops I pick end up making me look huge. I also have toothpick legs so I can't wear straigh leg jeans because then I end up looking like stick figure. Long story short: It takes me some time to find clothes that work.
But then, there was Lauren Conrad.
Oh my word. This woman was a heaven sent desginer for girls. Especially girls like me with boy-like shapes. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.
I went into Kohl's this week to buy some new Fall/Winter clothes. My main goal was sweaters, because I only tend to have long sleeves or sweatshirts, but never really girly and pretty sweaters. I was browsing through and came across the huuuuuge LC by Lauren Conrad section and fell in love with everything. I picked up a few things and when I went to try them on - I swear it was a miracle and a heavenly choir descended from the ceiling - they all fit. What?! This just doesn't happen, but it did! I was beyond thrilled. Lauren makes the cutest clothes in the most girly and fun colors and she knows how to design things just perfectly. I love her stuff and I am so glad that her clothes fit me now! ( I guess a little weight loss helped too ;) )
Check out the clothes online at Kohl's website; just click the links below!
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