Monday, October 1, 2012

Always Give.

I am one of those people who loves to see other people happy. And I mean, love to see it. I like to see people smile, laugh and just be genuinely happy. I will do just about anything to make people happy. I have danced down the hallways of my middle school singing "Jesus Christ Superstar" just to get my friend who was crying to laugh. I will un expectedly pick up the bill for a lunch or dinner, just because. Marissa Tip: Never let me know about things that you like, because if you tell me you like mocha iced coffees, you will see those coffees very frequently. I do this in all relationships with people I have in my life. I don't know why I do it, but I just do it.
I am also bad at accepting things. I am a giver. I am never a taker. I never do things with the expectation of someone giving something back to me. I give out of the kidness of my heart and I am always extremely uncomfortable when people want to do things for me. I won't let them. I will try and stop them as best as I can. Most of the time, the person succeeds, but I will just never endingly thank them and they pay them back ten times over.
But, when I do accepts things, do you know what I like to get? I love it when people give me smiles, when they can make me smile and I can make them smile. I love when people make me laugh. I love when people unexpectedly hug me. I love when a person can give me butterflies in my stomach. I love when someone can make me blush. These are the kind of things I can accept all day long. I was never a materialistc person who needed things to be happy.

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