Monday, September 24, 2012

The Great Shift.

The past few days have been an absolute wirl-wind. I have had so many different experiences happen that have just confirmed so many things in my life that I were so unsure and uneasy of.
This past Thursday I had a meeting with one of the pastors of my church who I have gotten to know quite well over the years and have built a good relationship with. We chatted in his office over some coffee about my life and what has exactly been going on. To make a long story short, I talked with him about how my long term goal was to start coming back to that church and be rooted there. My pastor then began to tell me about how when he was praying for me one day he said he saw a tree that was planted, and over time it grew into this big, beautiful tree, full of life. He told me that if I become a permanent attendee of the church, he can see so many big and wonderful things for my life. I was completely blown away. He also suggested to me that if I was serious I could seek membership in the church.
When the meeting was over I had a sense of peace come over me, like, this was the right thing to do. That night we had an amazing service with all the youth and our guest speaker prayed over me and I just broke right there. I began to ball my eyes out and just hysterically cry. I was in that state for about fifteen minutes, until I stood up and just started worshiping. That night I felt like I was torn apart and put back together in the most amazing way. I saw this as a confirmation.
To top everything off, when I attended Sunday morning service, the announcer said that membership seminars will be starting soon for people who are interested in pursuing membership in the church. Could everything be any more perfect?!
So, to say the least. I am excited about what is happening in my life and where God is going to take me after I start to take these few steps that He has put in my path.

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