Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fitness for Christmas.

Normal people (which is clearly not me) usually try to lose weight in the springtime so they look good for summer, when they will be in the bathing suits and things like that. But, no no no! Not this girl! I am going to try and lose weight for Christmas; the time of year when you are in baggy sweatshirts and jeans for the season.
I have been wanting to get into shape for a while and I have just really needed the kick in the butt. I have been talking for my co-worker and good friend Michele about wanting to lose weight, and we both had the same goal date of Christmas. So, we decided that since today is September 25, which is exactly three months until christmas, we would work our hardest to achieve our goals. We have decided that we are going to: stear clear of junk food, watch our sugar and carb intake, excercise daily, drink tons of water and forget late-night eating. This is a hard task, especially for always-busy college girls. On some weeks we may cleanse, or try different diets, but we are highly motivated to reach our personal finish lines together.
So, my goal is 10 lbs! I am hoping that I can do this and stay strong and just know that in the end it will be all worth it. Hey, maybe I can buy myself a pretty little Christmas dress a few sizes smaller!
And who can't resist Ryan Gosling?!?! (insert swooning)

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