Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter is my favorite, just like link-ups.

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately because I find myself getting bored very easy. But also, because I have the app on the home screen of my phone and sometimes scrolling through Pinterest inbetween customers at work keeps me smiling, even though I want to hit all of them with a loaf of ciabatta. Did I just say that?

I also love holidays, and Easter is one of my favorites. So, I am very excited with the holiday fast approaching because it's just a happy holiday. The weather gets nicer, I can wear a dress to church and the food surrounding the holiday is also extremely yummy to my tummy.

Combining my reoccuring love for Pinterest and my love for the Easter season, I bring to you my favorite Easter pins - I totally apologize in advance that this is all food. Actually, no. Sorry I'm not sorry.


Don't these all look so stinkin' yummy? I could barely help myself from liking and pinning all of these recipes. Looks like I just may have another Friday night of baking ahead of me this week. Awe, I spoil my co-workers!

I am also taking today to do another cool link-up:

GFC Lovin
I will see you all around these parts tomorrow! Have a happy hump day.


  1. Hey girl, just found your blog through the GFC blog hop & I think it's so cute! Followed, & can't wait to read more. xoxxx

  2. These look absolutely ah-mazing!! Also, thanks so much for linking up with GFC Lovin'!

  3. Mmmmm Definitely need some sweets now! hehe