Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When I'm feeling blue all I have to do...

I am very excited on this hump day. Why? I am not entirely sure. Maybe it's because yesterday I got a good report from the doctor - all the levels are good and I dropped 3 lbs, holla! I am doing super awesome on the Special K Challenge, so well in fact that Special K even tweeted and followed me. Yeah, that's right. I got my healthy girl swag on! I have also been keeping up in all my classes so far this semester and I am looking forward to speaking Italian all over the joint. Come va?!
Now, to address my previous post. I have not been my happy self lately and I am just so frustrated as to why. I get anxious, nervous, stressed and tense and I find myself aimlessly walking around my house, cleaning all the drawers of my dresser at 9:45 PM, snapping at friends and family. I am just so outta wack, it ain't even funny. But, I decided that I am going to force myself out of this funk that I am in. In case any of you are ever having a rough day and you want to cheer yourself up, why don't you take a few tips from me.
Look at photos of attractive men // I mean, c'mon. Tell me that seeing those attractive candymen above didn't put a smile on your face. The men that put a smile on my face just so happen to be Chord Overstreet, Adam Levine and Zac Efron. I mean, they are all rocking simple white t's and they are looks super hot. And, if looking at them doesn't do it for ya, listen to them sing. Chord | Adam | Zac
Drink some coffee // I mean, it's no secret that I am a caffeine addict. So any time that I can sip some yummylicious coffee instantly makes me happy. Not only does it keep me awake, it's just like you are drinking a cup of sunshine. Unless the barista messes it up. Then, throw it in their face and go make the coffee yourself.
Watch a Ryan Gosling movie // This idea kind of goes hand in hand with numero une up there. I mean, it's one of the most attractive males in a moving picture infront of you. I mean, I went and saw Gangster Squad a week ago and I didn't want to leave the theater. Ryan Gosling is all kinds of attractive and just a primo actor. Watch a movie with him in it. JUST. DO. IT. Preferably one where his shirt comes off.

Listen to Britney // I am talking old-school BritBrit. When she was singing in a high school gym about love. When she would wear awful scrunchies and way too many half shirts and short skirts, with platform flipflops. You need to listen to that kind of Britney. It will bring you back to the good old days and you will just be smiling like a goof. I totes don't know from experience.
Paint your nails // I did this and I literally felt better. I paint them a nice bright color and it really helped pick me up. As silly as it seems, it helps! I am drawn to dark colors usually, but I have on a nice bright orange/peach color and it's like tiny-little balls of sunshine on the ends of my hands.
These are just some of my favorite things that keep me happy.
I know it may be a little strange, but hey, that's just me!
Hope you are all happy on this Wednesday.
Ciao, kitty cats.

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