Saturday, January 5, 2013

Little Things....not the One Direction kind.

Do not let your eyes decieve you.
Yes, I am posting on a Saturday.
You may be pondering to yourself why I am posting on a day that I work.
Well, friends, today is a milestone.
I have the day off.
Hold up, wait a minute. I am totes shocked myself. Don't worry, I am going to bring you to the bottom of this outrage. So, you see, my boss told me and my partner in crime, Michele, that we have been working so hard over the holidays and with her absences with being sick, that she wanted to reward us. HOLLA. I can honestly say that the last time I had a Saturday off was my cousin's wedding which was over a year ago. I don't take days off or request them, I just always worked my life around my work schedule, always have, and always will. I am just absolutely thrilled that I have a Saturday off and I can see what real people - that aren't my crazy customers - do on a Satuday.
It's like bringing a little kid to a candy store. I am so excited!
Having this small event happen, really got me thinking "dang Marissa, you get excited about really stupid crap" and I replied to myself, "yes, yes I do." Which then lead me to thinking about all the really little things that get me excited in life. Let's make a list, shall we?
People liking my stuff on social networking | Yeah, it's kind of stupid, but I totally love to see people like my random ramble of a status on Facebook, retweet my Lion King song lyrics on Twitter or like a photo of my Dunkin cup on Instagram. It makes me feel appreciated. Don't even tell me that doesn't make you happy.
Getting your coffee just the way you like it | I am always down for appreciating a good cup of coffee, but there are those days where you just really want a coffee and then when you take a sup it's like you are in paradise. Oh yeah, mocha latte with whole milk makes me feel like I have wings.
Getting called by my name | All day long at work I am called "miss", "ma'am", "hun" and by that mom who has kids "nice lady". But, it's nice to have someone actually take the 2.7 seconds to look at my shirt and say "Marissa". I mean, it's written on my shirt for goodness sake, it's there for a reason!

 Climbing into your bed and having everything you need | I am one of those people who gets all cozy in bed and then realizes the remote is in East Guam and I try to crawl around my bed and make all efforts to not get off the bed to get to the remote. Augh, hate that garbage. But, a few nights ago I had everything I needed: remote, cell phone, drink and snack all within reach. That's something worth being happy about.

 When my eyeliner comes out moderately decent | Enough said, right?

May your Saturday be merry and bright.
See ya on the flip side, sillies.



  1. So true with the coffee and eyeliner turning out right. There is nothing worse than getting your coffee and it tasting "wrong". I usually just get a McDonald's $1 coffee on the way into work and used to let them put in the cream and sugar for me since it was easier UNTIL the time I got the grossest almost white coffee. I get 1 cream & 1 sugar and this small had to have 5 creams in it! Now I always just order it on the side and put it in myself so I don't start my day pissed off lol, it IS the little things...

    1. Oh good Lord. I am so nervous to get coffee from anywhere but Dunkin and Starbucks because I have totally mastered my order and how I like everything, just to the T. I want to try McDonalds and Wendy's coffee, but I am sooooo cautious with coffee. Coffee is one of those things that makes or breaks your day - kinda like a good or bad hair day.
      Thanks for stopping by, also! :)