Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa, baby...did you get my letters?!

Santa best be reading my blog, or else he isn't going to know what I really want for Christmas.
And, his visits onto the blog and the elves visits will give me a few extra views at the end of the day.
But, friends. Today, I bring you the struggle. 
The question is always asked around turkey day.
What do you want for Christmas, little girl? 
Ya know what, I really don't know.
But, I guess if I had to pick a few things that my life wouldn't mind having in it, I would pick the following. (Santa, take notice!)
Michael Kors Wallet | I have the bag that matches the wallet, and what girl doesn't want to have everything match? I mean, you are cray cray if you never had your wallets match your bag, or your lipstick match your shoes.
BCBG Bracelets | I think that the sayings that they have are super cute and I lovelovelove leather band bracelets, they are comfortable and don't leave my skin feeling all...metal-like.
Ralph Lauren Beaded Bracelet | I always think that these look super classy and elegant. You can wear it all by itself with a dress or make it casual and stack some other bracelets on the same arm and get some really nifty looking arm candy.
Betsey Johnson Watch | Her stuff is just so stinking adorable and I fell in love with her watches. I always really wanted a Michael Kors one, but I think that Betsey's are really fun and have great colors. And she has watches that have leopard print - amazeballs!
PINK Yoga Pants | So comfortable. So cute. The end.
iPhone Cases | I have a super huge problem with buying new cases. It's like a drug and I am addicted. I have seen some really great ones coming out from Kate Spade and I would love to get my hands on the "call me crazy" one.
PINK Bodyspray | These little guys always smell wonderful and I am obssessed with wearing them. All the scents are great and it's by Victoria Secret, so obviously it's amazing. And, that's just one step closer to me becoming Miranda Kerr.
Concert/Play Tickets | I would kill to see Maroon 5 again when they tour this winter. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Adam Levine singing "One More Night" getting all sweaty and dancing around like he has to tinkle. I mean, those are the good moments! But, I would also love to see the show "Million Dollar Quartet" that comes to a local performing arts theater because I love the music they use in the show and it reminds of "Jersey Boys" which I loved.
Gift Cards | Honestly, I would love anyone forever. iTunes, VS, Target, Starbucks, Dunkin, anywhere! Less money I have to spend, the  better!
Essie Nailpolish | Doesn't need any explination, to be quite honest.

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