Friday, December 7, 2012

If my life were an e-card.

Whoa there, champs: It's Friday!
I am just one happy camper over here. Why, you may be asking (and if you aren't asking, then you should be). Well, today officially marks my last day of classes for my Fall semester. YIPPEE! Let's break out the icecream and celebratory dance music.
I can only hope that your Friday will be just as amazeballs.
In other news, let's get on to the real reason why I have gather you here today.
I have been obssessed with e-cards for the longest time and I find them to be quite amusing.
So, I decided to show you my week with e-cards.
Enjoy, folks.
All day, everyday. It is literally a miracle that I am not locked up for killing people, and honestly, no one is exempt from this list. Bad drivers who don't use their blink, smarty pants kids in class, annoying customers, friends who don't text back fast enough, you know the usual.
Because we all have that awkward moment when you open up your wallet and can't help but think you have been robbed, but you really spent all your money on Christmas gifts, at Target and on coffee. Oooppps, just me?
Pretty self-explanatory, no?
Kind of goes hand-in-hand with exhibit A up above.
Forever bringing food to work. Forever always buying something for lunch. Forever being hungry after all the food I hate ate. #italiangirlprobz

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  1. Haha I totally relate to the last one!! I try to forget that I have food anywhere in arms length!