Friday, October 26, 2012

What is this feeling?!

What is this feeling, so sudden, and new?!
Yeah, I just went all Kristen Chenoweth circa Wicked all up in here. Watch me now as I snap my fingers a z formation, y'all. Mhm, I just told you! Now, back to the real issues.
I went to work yesterday like I always do, and talked with the people I always talk to and usually end up spending most of my time with my co-worker and best friend, Michele. When I went to greet Michele, when she opened her mouth, I swear Kermit the frog was living in her throat. Her voice sounded so hoarse, I could almost feel the pain whenever she would talk. Yes, friends, Michele is sick. DUN DUN DUN. Like the good bestie that I am, I bought her a water bottle and told her to get better because there is no way on this God created planet I am about to get sick. I come home, sitting around relaxing and I can't swallow. My throat hurts.
Yes, this is the feeling I was previously talking about when I was quoting the sassy Miss Chenoweth.
The thing that I vowed that I would not get, I have recieved. Thanks Michele for breathing all over me and getting me sick. Now I will have to suffer with these uncomfortable swallowing and throat pains until the real sickness rears it's ugly head. For everyone information: when you have allergies and then get sick, you feel ten times worse than anyone who is ever sick in the winter - ever. It is not a fun feeling, lemme tell ya.
What exactly is the point of this post?
Use handsanitizer, wash your hands, drink lots of water, stay as far away from people with germs as you can. The ideal situation here would be living in a bubble. Anyone got one I could borrow for a little bit? Por favore?

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