Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Things In Life.

I have been going on Pinterest a lot more recently and searching through the "quotes" section and I have been seeing a few little pins about "the best things in life" and I decided that maybe I should make my own list of things that I think are just the absolute best in my little world.
Since I have been a little down in the dumps lately, I thought that maybe doing this would help me realize all the good thinds in my life and distract me from the not-so-hot things. To be totally honest, it helped. I got to thinking of all the rad things that I have in my life and that happen to me and it couldn't help but make me smile.

1. Morning text messages: I usually wake up to text messages from one of my best friends in the morning with just a "good morning, champ" or a silly, random comment that she decided to send to me to make me laugh. I like talking with people in the morning because it wakes you up a little and keeps things interesting. It also makes me feel good that someone wants to talk to me early in the morning.
2. Getting the correct coffee order: You don't know how many times I have driven away from a drive thru window in the morning and been cursing myself as I turned onto the road when I sipped my coffee and realized that THIS IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED. The best feeling is when I take a leisurely sip and it's made just absolutely perfect! Nothing can make your day better than a good cup of coffee.
3. Making other people smile: It's the best when you can make someone's day. I like to do little things for my friends like picking up the tab on a lunch or dinner, getting them their favorite drink, writing them cute notes, etc. I like to see people happy. I have been in a constant war with a friend of mine at work because I would buy him these iced teas he loves and he would pay me back in iced coffee. I have had to be more creative in my approach so I would secretly hoard all of his favorite teas and buy them and leave notes on them, just to make him smile.
4. Getting favorited/re-tweeted on Twitter: I know this is stupid, but it makes me happy on the inside. it shows that people actually read the ridiculous things I post and that they actually agree with my nonsense! I love having those notifications come across my phone.
5. Falling asleep right away: This rarely happens for me, but I totally appreciate it when I wake up in the morning. Thank God for comfy blankets, soft pillows and teddy bears to cuddle with!
What are some little things that you enjoy and occassionally take for granted?

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