Monday, October 29, 2012

Link-up: Weekend Update.

Since my brain has decided to be a little pain in the butt this weekend and not let me think of things that I can blog about, I decided that for today I would do a link-up; because those are always fun anyway!
Friday started my weekend off on a good foot you could say. I have gotten into the habit of spending atleast a half hour alone on a Friday morning. I leave for class an hour early, which gives me enough time to grab a coffee and a pumpkin muffin from DD (I am addicted!) and then park in the emptiest parking lot on campus and just sit in my car and listen to a CD or morning radio and just spend that time alone. I am usually not an alone person for the most part, I love being around people, but my Friday morning "me-time" helps me get ready for the crazy work weekends I always have, where I am always surrounded by people. It's a nice little step back. I went to my only class which is my theater class and it was a ton of fun! We were broken up into groups and had to make up choreography for thirty seconds of "Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd. Funniest thing ever! My classmate Aaren and I are the only two that had previous dance experience so we got on those moves like pros! Yeah buddy, I can jazz square with the best of 'em, HOLLA! After class I headed to work until close, which is six oh clock. It wasn't an awful day, but it was a day at work. I came home and ate a big bowl of fresh pasta and alfredo sauce - work is good for some amazing dinners ;) I am pretty sure I fell asleep at like, 9:30. Ya know, cause I am a grandma.
Saturday is just always the day were nothing happens, yet so much happens. I am at work open to close, which pretty much shoots out any chances of doing anything. My co-worker and bestie, Michele, had the day off and I wanted to hunt her down and stangle her because she wasn't working. I literally don't really talk to anyone else besides her, so I guess I had to expand my horizions. That's garbage, if you ask me. The morning went alright, one of my co-workers who is valet came in during the morning to buy a few things and I talked with him and he told me I was his favorite cashier. D'aw, gotta love that boy! I had a very classy and elegant lunch break with my co-worker/big brother/little brother/bestie Freddie, in the back dumpsters behind the store. We sat on milkcrates and ate potato chips. It was all very clean and sanitary :X I got the best surprise ever when I looked at the door at around four oh clock and saw my best friend, Lindsey, walk in! She has been away at school and I haven't seen her in just about three months. She came in to see me and surprise me. She knows I am a workaholic and she said if the only way she could see me was to visit me at work, then she would. Number One Bestie Award! Around five oh clock my sweet friend who has been buying me coffees came in and I again, bought him his teas, and he went to the barista and gave them money to make me a coffee. Ah, he is just the sweetest! That coffee was just the kick I needed to keep me going until the end of the day. I spent my night after work eating hot dogs and french fries and sleeping. I think that's a good night!

Sunday was an early morning to head out to church with my parents. Service got out a little early so we headed out for breakfast. Afterward I went on a little drive with my dad to pick up a few things from the store (aka: going to work and getting grocceries) Then I worked a little homework and we headed out to dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday, which was yesterday.
I would just like to point out that this food was extremely BOMBDIGGITY. Nothing better than pasta and a little Italian coffee to make a night special.

On the car ride home, I got the best text message I could have ever recieved!

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