Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mid-Week Motivation.

(from Pinterest)
I have been having a hard time lately keeping myself motivated with things. I have been doing a very decent job staying on my health & wellness kick which included eating healthier, going to the gym three times a week and attending Zumba on a weekly basis. I am doing my part and I am waiting for results. I am glad that I am staying focused with that, but I am begining to fall a little behind with my organization with school - and we're only a few weeks in! So, today I sat down and wrote everything down in my planner and organized myself, planning my time. I am hoping that this works and keeps me on the organized track. I have all different activites highlighted in different colors with little Post-It note flags reminding me when readings need to be done, when I am having a quiz and when papers are due. I am making the effort to see a change. That's the first step. Staying on the right track and seeing better results down the line may be tedious and difficult, but the pay off will be so worth it! I will be less stressed and more put together. So, here's to making efforts for possitive change in our lives! (clinking of glasses sound inserted here)

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