Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reflecting for a minute.

Happy Tuesday, friends.
I hope you all don't mind if I go a little serious on you today.
I am allowed to do that every once in a while.
There is a heart underneath my stupid whit and sarcasm.
Today, I just want to talk about how important life is. We all see quotes on paintings, in Tweets or on Pinterest about living each day as if it was your last and making the most and the best out of what you have. This whole theme has really been hitting home with me lately, especially today.
Last night I found out that a kid I went to high school with, whom I also graduated with, passed away from cancer. I am not here to proclaim that I was best friends with him or that we were tight from way back, but I did attend school with him for seven years. He was a truly great kid who was always smiling, making other people laugh and was just living his life as happy as he could make it. He fought his way through high school with cancer and now, God decided to take him because he needed another angel. This whole experience has really brought our whole town community together, and especially our graduating class back together, after we have all gone our seperate ways.
The whole thing really got me thinking about how blessed I am. I wake up every morning with my feet touching the ground and I am breathing, and I can walk to my kitchen and get pestered by my dog and pour myself a cup of coffee. I honestly have nothing that I can complain about in my life, and one of the things I want to work on is my complaining. Yes, I complain a lot, but I want to really just take life for face value, and really focus on the good and amazing things in my life, rather than that one customer at work that pissed me off, or that Dunkin messed up my coffee order. I am in the market to live my life with no regrets, no complaints and live my life the best I can with out worries.
I talked about it with my friend Michele and we both decided to live the Hakuna Matata lifestyle - no worries, just love. Since it's a new year and it may be somewhat cheesy, but think about all the possitive things in your life over the negative and focus on those because, things can change in an instant, so you need to appreciate the big and little things while you can.
I leave you with my all-time favorite song, from such a wonderful musical whose message is all about living life with no regrets. Their tag line is "no day but today.".